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      Another great day of flying was organised by Ross (Bad Angel) @ the farm, I must admit the Bad Angel is getting very good at picking the best flying days. Gee Chris, I think you picked the wrong time to go OS.

      It was a warmish (if overcast) and almost windless day @ the farm when the gang, Ross, John, Linal, Ian, Gerald & Mike arrived around 11:00.

      Unfortunately by 11:15 Bro had managed to crash land his Bix 3 into the treeline up above the farm entry road.  Some dexterous aerial searching by Uncle G with his Mavic Pro soon spotted the wreckage and directed the ground crew of Bro & Kermit in for a recovery. Unfortunately, although all the electronics (except the battery) survived, the Bix 3 itself was a bucket job.

      Oh well nothing a new body wont fix eh Bro.

      Kermit ran his first training session as the new CFI with poor old Uncle G as his first victim student. May well be his last also.

      Uncle G test flew his 3D printed control module attached to the new & larger HK paraglider. Still needs a little work but at least it flew far better than our recent attempts with the smaller original paragliders. Just a shame no one got it on video.

      Kermit managed several parachute drops, with various dumb animals attached, from his Phantom Quad and in between also managed a couple more flights with his Tundra “Grass hopper”. Just need to improve on the landings eh frog.

      Ian had his Bix 3 up for numerous flights through the day, all without incident. He also tried to get his VTOL flying wing airborne but unfortunately it is still plagued with motor cutout issues so no go yet again.

      BA & yours truly had several FPV flights today, BA using his FPV equipped Bix 3 & I was using the FPV equipped FirStar 1600 Ex “Raptor”.

      No doubt Uncle G will add his Mavic Pro video later and my Raptor videos are below.

      BA’s excellent videos of the day can be found on his Youtube channel (link available from my channel).

      I’m sure we will do it all again soon if this excellent autumn weather stays around.


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      WELL DONE PRED always a pleasure to watch….. as for the brave parachutists one was  Kermit and his sole mate Miss Piggy  she was the second to be dispatched  and lastly Whyley the squirrel  a first timer  all survived the plummet of  fun  to do it again next week  uncle g  showed great promise on his fitness and general knowledge of aviation  a fine first student to go through my world renown pilot student top gun academy  he did pass the coarse with a result of 99 percent  one of my best students  a presentation of his gold wings and diploma  will be posted on this site soon …..   Regards CFI  Baron kermit la frog             SCHOOL OF TOP GUN

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      FELLOW FLYERS and that other CFI pretender   Tuesday is graduation day for my most successful top gun graduate  so far  UNCLE G     the presentation ceremony will be held at 12  on the flight line    your attendance would be appreciated   …..top gun    CFI  BARON Kermit la frog

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        This should be interesting

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      You have been a busy little BA haven’t you.

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      RC TOYS IS now complete      with BAD ANGEL displaying a record of flying at the farm for all to see  along with PREDATOR and with luck UNCLE G  displaying his  collection   we will rival  UTUBE

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