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      Another beautiful Autumn day down in Southern Tas today and a perfect day for flying @ The Farm.

      There was a bit of wind when we arrived but that didn’t stop Gerald maidening his brand new Bixler3.

      He only had one flight but he was a happy chappy none the less as the Bix3 flew beautifully and the autopilot/stabiliser he had pilfered from one of his old Quads performed almost flawlessly.

      Kermit managed a flawless parachute drop of his very large Aussie flag (finally got it right) but somehow managed to bust a prop when attempting a flight with his Tundra “Grass hopper”, perhaps a bit too much “grass” eh Kermie.

      Around midday we broke for the usual “Flight Line Cafe” BBQ lunch while we waited for the wind to settle.

      Ross had several FPV flights with his Bix3 and even managed a couple of take-offs and landings under full FPV control.

      I has several successful flights with my rebuilt Bix2 Predator Sport (yes the one that was smashed to bits a few short weeks ago). It’s amazing what you can achieve with a bit of contact adhesive & a hot glue gun (so long as you pick up all the pieces after a prang). She still flies like she always did.

      Also managed two nice FPV flights with The Phoenix (modified Nine Eagles SkyClimber), see video below.

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      YEP GOTTA AGREE with predator excellent day No clouds which made aircraft spotting very difficult if you took your eyes off it for a second UNCLE G had his sparkly new bixler 3  call sign G GAY  because its so pretty    doing spirals figure 8’s ” inverted ”  for someone who had just graduated from the top gun flight school  this is nothing unusual  next week he said he will be doing it blind folded  what a trooper    Back from over seas  our air commodore took the lead when he flew his aircraft through trees .over cows  , cars and finishing the show with a perfect landing at the feet of predator who was flying also FPV    he had a wild day  with his FPY flying   Then there was predator  flying from his hand  He  mastered the art of cow round up  sometimes flying under them  outstanding flying from this boy  if it wasn’t on film you wouldn’t beleave it   THE DAY DID HAVE A DOWN SIDE HOWEVER AN THAT WAS ….FLATULENCE   from the cows  Nooooo    Pred and dark angel  had a farting competition which resulted in both party’s continually moving…..   one had a gumboot nearly blown off  I wont say who it was but predator was the only one with gumboots    as we departed the flight line to go home   I did notice dark angel getting into his truck  strangely    As always my reporting is factual  as I see it      KERMIT LA FROG

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