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      Well the gang had another great day for flying @ The Farm today, it was a superb Autumn day with very little wind.

      We were short a couple of the regulars today but the four that made it had some great flights and a few minor mishaps (as you do) but nothing significant.

      Kermit & Miss Piggy had numerous flights with his Phantom 3


      & a couple with his Tundra however a bumpy landing dislodged one of his suspension springs and unfortunately grounded the Grass hopper until a replacement can be sourced.

      After a quick reprogram of Ian’s DX6I to suit his X-Vert plane, Ian managed several flights with this interesting flying machine. With no wind in the morning takeoffs & landings were fine but after lunch as the wind picked up ever so slightly Ian found the VTOL was a bit of a handful in Vertical mode even though it still flew well in plane mode.

      Ian also managed a rather rough landing with his Bix 3 that will require a couple of minor repairs, this was after several successful flights, just like me the other week, Ian got a bit to cocky and paid the price.


      Gerald flew his aptly named Thunderbird 13 (Mavic Pro) but its search & recovery prowess was not needed today so it was scenic flights only. G tells us his brand new Bix 3 is almost ready to take to the skies.

      I started the day with a couple of uneventful flights with the big Grand Tundra “Bush Pig II” and then a couple of flights with the rebuilt SkyClimber “The Phoenix”. No FPV goggles today just Line of Sight and relying on the Ground Station for all the FPV telemetry. (videos below)



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      All of my todays videos are now posted.

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