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      Yet another great day of flying with the gang @ The Farm today, although better for some than others.


      Another bit of Kermit’s handiwork now adorns The Farm flying field

      We started the day off by testing Ian’s X-Vert vertical take off plane.

      Ian had been having no success in getting this to fly with his Spektrum DX6I radio (which I suspected may have been a programming issue as the plane has a quite sophisticated control board built in) so during the week some research was done online & I then programmed my Spektrum DX8 to suit the controller.

      Whilst the plane is a bit of a handful in Vertical mode if there is any wind (and there was too much this morning), once switched to normal flight mode the X-Vert flew very well.

      Both Ian & I flew for a few minutes each without issues but on trying to land (in Vertical mode) in the wind there was very little control and a probable flat battery resulted a a slightly hard landing that will require a bit of glue to fix.

      At least now Ian knows there is nothing wrong with the plane & he can concentrate on getting his DX6I programming right for it.

      Ian also had several flights with his Bix 3, all without incident. Well done Ian.

      I was trying to be a bit too smart with my Bix 2 Sport and that resulted in a very hard impact with Terra Firma, I will try and repair it but after so many incidents over the years perhaps it is time to invest in a new body kit, we will see.

      Poor Kermit’s Tundra “Grass hopper” also had a hard impact (in the “Bermuda Triangle” just a few metres from where Bro went down with his Bix 3 a couple of weeks ago) but while Uncle G had to run a Search & Rescue operation with his trusty Mavic Pro quad to find the downed Tundra, once recovered it was found to have suffered only very superficial damage and will no doubt be back in the air in a day or two.

      Ross had a couple of decent FPV flights with his Bix 3 with a new FPV canopy, he seemed very happy with the results & no doubt the video will be up later.

      Bro is still waiting for his new Bix 3 kit to arrive & Gerald is still assembling his so neither were flying Fixed Wing today.

      As a couple of us had to be away early afternoon for other matters we broke early for our customary BBQ lunch.

      While the BBQ was being prepared, Kermit, (in his usurper CFI mode) presented Gerald with his Gold Wings (but you will need to watch the video for all the gory details.

      I’ll add some pics later.

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      Video of the search & rescues!


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      First of all I thank John and his sharp eyes along with UNCLE G with the mavic  for finding my grass hopper which was taken  down by a bloody great sea eagle…. huge buggar it was …. with great skill I manoeuvred the hopper through trees up an over but alas the monster got her  so it wasn’t my fault   just to put the rumours at rest . Another  death certificate will be issued this week for  bixter 2  belonging to our CFI …..PREDATOR..  I can see him at the top gun flight school for training  we may get him to the brilliant high standard his brother is at  and even the newest pilot UNCLE G…..  Landings will be taught by Ian  by far the best putter on the ground fella  we have  (don’t be to proud to ask for help pred we all have been there )  As for our entertainment officer   tree huger Ian  well this young fella is going to have to pick up his game if he wishes to keep the title   for several outings he has under performed in this capacity  ( there are new comers in the wind for this job )   so do it or lose it (with respect )   John  younger brother of predator  would have flown today and could have shown us all the perfect flying skills he has  but NO  not today..  why ..  the CFI  our predator RAMMED the trainer into the earth at fantastic speed  (as the video shows  ) he says the flaps weren’t working  emmmm      Moving on    UNCLE G  was inducted into the flight line gang  today  with the ceremony carried out by   the top guns father (who by the way needs a hair cut  ) UNCLE G was presented with his gold wings by predator as acting CFI    and his  certificate by the white haired ol fart  John was also presented with the death certificate for his much loved   putt putt bixler 2  whom he loved more than his brother .. (so I heard )  finally our own master film producer BAD ANGEL   THE mad max of  film   Great flights were produced by this up and coming pilot  although his age could be his Hercules heal  as his aircraft has to be in a radius of 30 ft  other wise he cant see it but it is interesting for spectators who seem to hug the ground during his time in the air   (should have gone to speck savers ) but when in FPV mode  he is the ace of ace’s   so that’s how I saw today’s fly in

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