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      time to start  dunna know so  your vote counts  Now my children go to it

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      I will be there.

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      Ok shall we keep it at 10 30 start. I will put it in the calendar.

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      Kermit back to his old games started charging us again in the real President’s absence. $100 entry fee including a compulsory donation is getting pricy. Mugs present were Kermit, Gerald, Mitch, BA, Scottie and myself. Wind was light for the time of year and fee included a BBQ. Here is my flight cam footage.

      The TL2000 now has the matt black felt from Mike which is from Spotlight and seems to keep down the canopy glare well. But the planes wheels are too small for the long grass so I just flew LOS and took off from the driving track.

      The Esky eagles handled the grass fine but I only flew FPV briefly as getting interference. Here is the footage:





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      A good day at the field for most, Tried out my new Eachine Razor and it flew very nicely, also had a fly with the Micro Tundra.

      A special thanks to Kermit for stepping up to the position of “president for the day” putting on the barbecue lunch and giving us a master class on how to fly.

      Also a special thanks to BA for the entertainment he provided.

      Here is my video from today,

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      Thanks Guys!   Most entertaining videos….Good to see some ground-handling work instead of just boring flying!

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      My bit:

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      THOSE   that couldn’t fly today are richly rewarded to night by some brilliant videos  making my  committees job near impossible to  adjudicate  but it has to be done  so in for a penny…….  in flight video goes to hoppy for ESKY EAGLE IN FLIGHT   the family video goes to BAD ANGEL   BANG CRASH PRANG GANG

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        Yes Mr Frog, all the videos were truly a sight to behold. Well done everyone, it was just like being there.  From the looks of some of the planes in the videos I guess there will be plenty of scrap parts for sale next flying day.

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      My lawyers are filing for a re-count……. wait….no…..yeah-nuh….mmmmmm oh I got a gong…. lawyers have put the former on hold for the time being..🙂🙃🙂🙃🙂🙃🙂

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      Sorry I couldn’t make it had a Drs appointment looking at what happens with Kermit in charge it was cheaper to go to the Drs

      There may be many appointments coming up

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        Yeah Moose very expensive day with entry and green tree frog expenses and then writing off my new plane I think I’m also going to have many dr’ appointents as well in the ..future

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      MEMBERS OF THE FLIGHT LINE GANG  I wish to thank you for your unsolicited donations towards the  ” save the green tree frog ”  From an endangered species to a thriving number in excess of 3   we have built a  two story lodge called   ” the frog lodge ”   well the SIGN has been made   BUTTT WITH MORE  days at the field  I’m positive you will contribute even more

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      Geeeeezzzzzz damm tree frogs

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      YEAAAA  I AGREE MR PREDATOR SIR, their just a bunch of wanna bees  I earned my fee  but still they all need a refresher course from TOP GUN FLIGHT SCHOOL  except for   UNCLE G   he was the only shining light at the field  BLACK ANGEL IS NO MORE  I removed every thing and have installed them into the new BLACK ANGEL 11   just have the wings to set up an all done   looking forward to running another field day  soon  could be a small increase in entrance fee  depends if every one knows I’m running the show  as to how many turn up   you were missed on the day  bad angel was trying to throw around his authority as safety officer but as he was the worst offender  that didn’t last to long but he did excel in his other job as entrainment officer  as seen in most of the videos  presented ………may be that should be his full time job  ….did he tell ya about his goggles   ” just saying “

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      She’s ready to fly again….. just say’n

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        Well done, is it painted black now? No wind forecast on Saturday but some showers in afternoon so could do a test fly in the morning.

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      Going boating with the wrinkley wheelchair mob and have family here in the arvo

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      I found something to do when too windy to fly RC. Find someone who has spent 15 years building and a lot of money on a 767 simulator and fly that. I was in the jump seat for a take off circuit and landing at New York La Gardia today. Then I flew a different twin GA sim myself from queenstown to mt cook in NZ. Good landing at My Cook airstrip but I just took a few stills as busy.

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