RC AIRCRAFT FLYING Flying @ “The Field” Flying @ “The Field” 2020 Flying time @ The Field

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      Another great flying day @ the field.

      Good turn up & ideal flying conditions.

      There were 7 pilots today and lots of different planes, some flying far more happily than others.

      Bad Angel (Ross) was testing a new DVR on his Little Pilot FPV headset, will be interesting to see how the recording turns out.

      I was doing some more testing of the E-Sky Eyas “Lil Eagle” and giving it a good workout. 20% expo was added to the ailerons and it has made a world of difference. Also relocated the front camera (Mobius Mini) and connected it to the plane battery so it doesn’t stop after 5 minutes. Also had the Grand Tundra out for a couple of flights & a parachute drop, just hope someone got some video as the belly mounted camera stopped recording and only left the rear facing wing mount camera footage.

      No doubt the others will have plenty to say about the day.

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      Here is my Skipper 2 crashes all from the one flight pack. The first I aimed for wrong tree which was over a dip so lost video feed, fortunately no damage. Then I hit a fence!



      The A10 went well again with added cannon sounds



      And some views from the Drifter.



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      Nice video men 😀

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      A bit of stuff from me….

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        Top video BA, amazing what a refresher course at the “TOP GUN FLIGHT SCHOOL” video editing class can do!

        Loved the music, a bit more would’ve been better though.

        All you need now is some of Kermit’s “blur” special effects to top it off.

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          Now Uncle G baby steps at a time….🤐

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      At last music on a BA video, at least the last 1/3rd.

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        Well froggy thingy don’t get too excited just demonstrating to you music buffs I can, next time outa focus stuff you won’t beat me…

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        Yeah Hoppy nice eh!

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      WELL THAT PESKY BAD ANGEL HAS DONE IT  FIRST PLACE FOR AN OUTSTANDING VIDEO  and a honorable mention for his choice of music  “short but appreciated ”  the gang has produced brilliant videos for us all to enjoy just a quick note BAD ANGEL you haven’t paid for your lesson at TOP GUN FILM ACADEMY its over due

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        Well Freddo Froggo how can I pay your bill when I received no invoice from ‘Shonky Flight School’ just very bad business practice and sending debt collectors to my door which my dog bit was the last straw… ps and thank you for first place in the video section if I do say so much deserved as well…. 🙂💥😍🤓😳🖕

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      Geez Freddo Froggo you are hereby directed to attend BA’s video school forthwith to learn how to post …. geezzzzz

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        Quality content there Mr Kermit, just a shame about the camera going out of focus all the time.

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