RC AIRCRAFT FLYING Flying @ “The Field” Flying @ “The Field” 2020 Flying time @ The Field

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      Another great flying day @ the field today, great turnup & several new (old planes) got workouts. 8 pilots today.

      No dramas today other than Kermit having a loose rudder servo in his Tundra preventing him from flying it.

      There were plenty of video & fixed cameras in operation today so hopefully after some editing there will be plenty of videos & pics from the days events

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      From Hoppy

      Gun Camera footage from the Mosquito today

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      No video from the toadhall productions company today most of the video shots were going out of focus with little usable video  I could do it but so many 2 second shots are not worth the annoyance you would get from looking at it  camera may need attention

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      Here’s my video of the day!

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        Well big kermit I take back what a said last week I have saved you a seat in Bad Angel video school but pay your fees first…

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        absolutely fabulous UNCLE G I’m sending the link to my bro  just to show what can be done with the drone  fantastic AN THE MUSIC is to die for

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      Geezus uncle G, just started to watch then I heard it…. my tablet turned itself off into safety mode before it imploded…

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      A bit of stuff from me…

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      Well that video was a bomb lots of booms and bullets flying around almost perfect ,except the lesson we have tried to impart to bad angel is music  a nice classical piece in the back ground would have made the video, have a look at UNCLE Gs video  it will help  IN THE MEAN TIME  stick with it kid  you will improve in time

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      arhhh the predator with the different angle always innovative always striving for the best video of he day if music was applied you would have won the day BUT this time sorry TOP GUN FLIGHT SCHOOL  (video section ) has given UNCLE G the title of MR MOVIE for this week BUT you will be pleased to know that you came in second  third is HOPPY  an long way way back is the BIG BAD ANGEL  all bang bang but no mooosic

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      just looked at around the field vid  my gosh perfect I must make a category for sniblets  HAPPY WITH THIS ONE

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      Well folks great videos as expected from the crew

      And how are you feeling Ross after being shot by those returning Bullets

      And Uncle G what can I say A great video and a pleasure to listen to music instead of a lot of explosions etc.

      I see Hoppy pulled out the old bomber and it really looked great

      Kermit as usual put Miss Piggy under a lot of stress again poor women

      looks like a great day was had by all

      Well done men

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      Enjoyed the scenic flight Gerald…nice followng the contours up to the top!

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      That was fun Ross!  I found the other Presidential video today and enjoyed that too.  A possible, dare I say,”improvement”,  would be to have the President  disappearing down that beautiful chasm , with a gradually fading scream….What do you reckon?

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