RC AIRCRAFT FLYING Flying @ “The Field” Flying @ the Field 2022 Friday – Float Planes galore

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      As it turned out we were very lucky with the weather again today, the temperature only managed 14 degrees but there was very little wind and no rain.

      It was another perfect day for the float planes to take to the frog pond.

      Kermit & Ron, Gerald & Scott and their respective planes

      We had Kermit, Gerald, Ron & Scott all with float planes today but you will need to watch the video to see how they went.

      Also had Andrew & yours truly flying about today, just not with float planes. Andrew once again tried to fly his depron Spitfire & once again it failed dismally. I did see him getting a few pointers from Ron (his depron Spitfire flies just fine) so there is hope yet. Andrew stuck to flying his glider after the Spitfire failure.

      Apart from Kermit’s Float Plane, the rest of Kermit’s fleet stayed grounded today, why you may ask, because I forgot to return his radio after programming & left it on the bench at home.

      I flew the Tech Pod today with a modified video setup so it will be interesting to see how it comes out, also had a couple of flights with the Super Chipmunk & the AR Wing.

      Gerald successfully flew his AR Pro wing today after a couple of programming changes, along with his Eyas Eagle Float Plane/non Float Plane and the 1600mm Ranger.

      Ron had his Tundra with floats & another water plane as well as his Spitfire.

      Scott flew the TL2000 Float Plane and a couple of other birds today. Also flew the helicopter for a while but eventually it ended in disaster.

      We were also joined later in the day by Stephen, flying his Red Devil & his Decathlon (with a new motor)

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      Well written Mike. I look forward to the videos.

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        The rest may be a while Ron, just about to head out for tea & a tinny or two.

        Will get back into editing once I return around 7:00pm

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        AN UNCLE G DID THAT WITHOUT help from  me………..   smarty bum

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      Well picked on the weather Mike, Liked the float plane video.

      As Kermit didn’t fly, instead putting all his time on the camera, I’m looking forward to his video?

      Something different from me, playing around with the “Gyroflow” Software and the Runcam 5 camera.

      There are lots of settings to play with, but here is some footage from my wing lightly stabilised.

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        Wow, the Gyroflow (stabilization?) work well on the video Gerald. 👍

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          Thanks Ron, There is lots of settings to play with, need to experiment with it a bit more.

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          DEAR UNCLE G   I too liked one of them ………………… he he he   just say’n

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        That is pretty impressive Gerald, can you post the gyroflow only video in full screen rather than split screen. I would be interested to see how it comes out on the big screen.

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          Lots of distortion on the edges, Still need to play with the camera and gyroflow settings.

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          ARHHH    this is sooo like UNCLE Gs flying  blurred woffy distorted  nothing unusual

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      Love the videos and the slow mo’s are great to see what really happens – scary at times. Ron’s leaping jet frog was the go – maybe it needs a coat of green 🤔

      The electronic stability software is just amazing.👏

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        If green he needs …………I can help him out

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      With all that interest I better get my videos finished & the voting page live.

      Looking like Sunday could be another good flying day, if there is any interest I’ll put up a Calendar entry.

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      It was good to see all the seaplane action but shame no one has a Skipper/Dragonfly yet. And where was the frog chorus? Here in Subic Bay I am sailing a lot of day sails but its rainy season so most early evenings it buckets down. But it also brings out the bullfrogs. Turn up sound and you can hear them from our balcomy:


      I may go visit the model flying club next week and get some footage.

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        Noisy buggers aren’t they, at first I thought someone was honking a car horn.

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          HOPPY WE………..     are loud and we are strong         just say’n

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          My most excellent friend has a lot of noisy mates over there. Stay dry 😊

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      Looks like everyone’s videos are posted so the Voting page is now live.

      Remember only 1 (one) vote from each member so choose carefully.

      Now I’ll go and watch all the entries on the big screen and see who gets my vote today.

      This is a freebie demo of the program so you can vote multiple times but if you do EVERYONE will know about it and bad things will happen.

      If the system works ok & is used as hoped we can purchase the full version that blocks all but one vote.

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      Will there be fines if we do not vote? Is the voting anonymous?Are bribes and kickbacks still OK? So many questions about voting.


      On a video note I think our regular contributors visual is first class but let down by audio. If only I could hear Scottie’s words of wisdom we would have videos better than Bruce in NZ. His audio is mostly annoying anyway. Do you need to add external mics to your cams to record sounds better?

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        The cameras record the audio OK if it’s not too windy but I wind the audio way back so you don’t have to listen to all the BS. External mics equipped with windsocks would probably work a treat.

        Vote or don’t vote is up to the individual & yes its anonymous (except to the administrator). Any bribes & kickbacks coming in my direction are just fine.

        The voting system is still a work in progress, just trying to find a system that will work and carries on the good work done in the past by Mr Moose & his Golden Moose Awards.

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      Sailing today an as usual UNCLE G came up to see if he could play with us  but this time it was to inflict pain onto me  WHY and HOW  glad you asked  it seems he didnt like the intro into the   OPPS moments  and it seems hes been talkin to the dragon because he GIRL SLAPPTED me across the head like she does  coincidence? I think not                    visiting hours at the royal  9/12

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      I tried to vote for UNCLE G  but as im still to dizzy my finger went else where

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      My most favourite bit Kermit.

      It sounds awsome when you turn the speakers up loud.



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      NOW THAT WAS COOL   do we vote on this to

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      DEAR MR ADMINISTRATOR SIR  Ihave an inquiry I have a family member who wishes to vote Can she use my portal to vote an not be classed as me  IT is true she has four legs an a fur coat a bit like ol moose but a real member of our family  but I see this as not an impediment  so how about it  can my dog  vote

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        I’ll give you the short answer NO !!

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      So theres room to move ay   This could escalate to the High court as sexual discrimation but I dont want to drag the RC toys site through that so WHY not just  look the other way when she votes  who will know ?

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      I tried to find the voting button, but couldn’t. I vote green!

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        It’s pretty hard to miss the “Voting Page” button on the top RHS of the screen however you only have 48 hours to vote from the time the polls open so if you only tried today you were too late.

        However, just so all seems Fair & Just I have had the Administrator add you vote to Kermit’s tally (just this once)

        New poll open as soon as all videos from today are finalised but once again only 48 hours to cast your vote

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      The final tally for voting of Friday’s videos

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      My congratulations to the winner and thank you for the $5. That will feed me for a week in the Philippines.

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        You are welcome but don’t tell Kermit or we will never hear the end of it !!

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          Congratulations Mike, well deserved.

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