RC AIRCRAFT FLYING Flying @ “The Field” Flying @ the Field 2022 Friday Fly-In for the first day of Summer 2022/23

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      And what a beautiful day it was down @ the field today in Southern Tas, rather windy but sunny and warm. Everyone was hanging out for a fly so no one was overly bothered by the wind.

      We had Kermit, Gadget, Predator, Seaside Mitch & Bad Angel and later in the day we were joined by Brian, a band mate of BA’s & his Phantom 4 quad.

      Uncle G was AWOL today due to sailing but 6 still wasn’t a bad turn up for a week day.

      We had planes, gliders, biplanes & quads today so really a mixed bag.

      I also got to test my modified X-Vert (VTOL) wing. It flew OK but now that the props are no longer keyed to the motor shafts the counter rotating RHS prop kept unscrewing itself. Should be easily fixed with a longer screw & a drop of Loctite before the next test.

      We flew till around midday, had a break for our customary BBQ & chinwag and then back to flying, finishing up around 2:00pm.

      Footnote: If you keep a close eye on the “Around the Field” video, towards the end, you may spot BA getting attacked (and bitten) by his Phantom 3 quad.

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      An eventful day of flying indeed.

      Here is my first attempt at trying out the new video editing software. I still need to practice a bit more…

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      GMA (Golden Moose Awards) voting will start at midnight tonight to allow for late entries & will run for 24 hours only.

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      People don’t vote for my video  CHOPPERS DAY as I have disqualified my self from GMA because I have won  twice in succession    OK 👍

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      Not much to report from me as usual nothing much happens @ The Field

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      I NEVER SAW ANY aliens at all the whole time better go to speck savers  cos gored there were a lot of the buggars there

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