RC AIRCRAFT FLYING Flying @ “The Field” Flying @ the Field 2023 Friday Fly-In on a very windy day.


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      Didn’t quite get the weather right today. Yes it was warm (21 degrees) and dry but boy was it windy.

      Winds were averaging 24 to 26 kph for most of the day with occasional lulls & occasional extra strong gusts.

      None the less everyone had a fly (except for Phil – too windy to set up his stabiliser) and apart from a damaged wing strut on my Stearman bipe from a forced landing in the scrub I don’t think anything else got damaged today.

      No video from me today, I was too busy flying but I did see Kermit & Sinker with their cameras out so no doubt some great coverage a bit later on today.

      Good turn up today with 6 in attendance today.

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      My video, sorry it’s a bit boring as Kermit flew perfectly today with no crashes?

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        Another fine video capturing the events on a very windy Fly day.

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      Brave pilots on a very windy day and excellent video footage 🙂👍

      Well done gang.

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        It is good fun flying in the wind when you have a plane that can handle it ok.

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      WE LAUGH AT STRONG WINDS …………..HA ..……..(.giggle )  that was the sinkers effort ……………just sayn

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