RC AIRCRAFT FLYING Flying @ “The Field” Flying @ “The Field” 2020 Friday Fly-In @ The Field (14th August 2020)

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      What another perfect flying day we had today & the field. The temperature got up to 17 deg around midday and there was virtually no wind to speak of.

      Only six pilots today with both Ian & Chris ending up doing the walk of shame.

      Ian had the FPV canopy come loose on take-off with his Bix 3 which resulted in some wiring dislodging from the Rx, this in turn led to a rather heavy landing that removed the nose yet again. Oh well easy repair.

      Chris was up to his usual tricks flying the Skipper in and around the trees and somehow dislodged his tail including the motor nacelle so that ended its flying for the day. Hopefully the onboard video came out OK.

      I started the day flying the biplane that I maidened earlier in the week. This time I firmly secured the stabiliser to the fuselage which made for a much more easily controlled flight today. In fact the old biplane flies beautifully even with the stabiliser disabled. Also had an FPV flight with the “Gooney Bird” and a few laps around the field with the EYAS “Li’l Eagle” after repairing it from its prang on Monday.

      Some onboard video from today’s biplane flight.

      Gerald had his ZOHD Drift and his E-Sky Eyas airborne for numerous flights without incident. Likewise Ross had the Bix 3 “Black Bitch” up for a couple of incident free FPV flights as well.

      No doubt their videos will be added later.

      Kermit had the Frog up for a parachute jump & also the “Black Angel” doing a lap or 3, all without incident.

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      Nice Biplane footage. Most of the Skipper footage is there so crash is at the end of this video. Needs a new prop and regluing.


      Here is brief clipped footage of the ASW28.


      Here is my Drifter footage from top of hill and checking out trees for the Skipper flight:


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        Isn’t that the same branch in the same tree that you hit a little while ago?

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        Nope, different tree. Was trying for smaller and trickier gaps.

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          You will have to put whiskers on it soon, like a cat.

          If the whiskers wont fit through the hole, the plane won’t either !!

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      Here’s the view from the Drift, a bit boring after watching the Skipper video.

      Just need to sort out the INAV now.

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        Can the FOV be changed to reduce the fisheye distortion as it’s quite bad?

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          Yes, that was on the widest setting.

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      thanks for the videos I keep watching and  waiting waiting for the Frogs effort and of course Bad Angel something must have gone wrong with the equipment

      I wonder who will receive the Kermit academy award bet its not the frog.

      Don’t forget late entries not accepted’


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        You were missed at the lunch time BBQ Mr Moose, we kept a seat for you but to no avail.

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      NOW DONT GRIZZLE ABOUT THE VIDEO I’m not interested in flattery The frog and miss piggy’s jumps will be in future be adjusted even more to capture the landscape and the thrill of the leap of faith AND WILL BE AN INTEGRAL PART OF TOADHALL PRODUCTIONS  they are now under contract

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        Ah well, you know what they say, practice makes perfect.

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          After watching predators video of miss piggy’s jump I saw the problem  an it was the canopy lines were to far down her torso  next tine they will be near her neck making her more upright

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      AS THERE ARE SO MANY VIDEOS ON THIS SITE  THE BOARD HAS UNANIMOUSLY DECREED THAT THERE WILL BE NOW  TWO SECTIONS OF THE DAYS OUTINGS CLASSED AS/ ONE : ALL ROUND ENTERTAINMENT  TWO: SPECIAL CATEGORY    FLYING VIDEO      as usual if you wish to dispute the directors choice  you may ring 000  or write to        Santa clause north pole


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      Ok it’s back with country music added….

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      WELL VOTING HAS BEEN COMPLETED it is my unfortunate pleasure to inform ……………….BAD ANGEL  His video FLYING AND CRASHING RC PLANES  IS TODAY’S WINNER … SECOND CATEGORY  FLYING VIDEO goes to  by recount ………HOPPY  for TREE CRASH

      THE VIDEO SELECTION BOARD wishes to remind BAD ANGEL tusk tusk jokes even by our beloved president  may offend  MR MOOSE OUR 2IC IN TRAINING   SO PLEASE RESTRICT THEM TO ONE ONLY ..TUSK  IN FUTURE VIDEOS

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        Well I collected the gong again doesn’t say much about the opposition  cause mines sh#t  🤫🤔😐😶😝🤮😎

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      Must say I was a little disappointed, just watched the B ad Angel’s video again just to check out his choice in Country Music, should have known – NONE!!!

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        Ha ha that’ll teach ya…  sucked in ! But not happy I only caught the Predator anyway happy with the one I reeled in. 🥰☺🤣😜👿

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      BA on Kermit’s second parachute jump in your video at 15.05 a frog went up but a pig came down!


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        Yeah ok trust you to notice that, poetic video licence fake news to suite the moment….marvels of video production, sigh ho hum..😀🤩😗☺🤐😐😶😏😒😝😛😋🥶🥳😎🤓😨😦😞☠👹💀👽👾🤖😿🙈

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      I have remade my award winning video with appropriate music. Much better than the wind and engine noise and sound of branches slicing through foam. If the consensus is this new video is better then many musicians will be able to stay in business.


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      OH YEAH   WAY TO GO SO much nicer ……..pity some one else didn’t have a musical bone in their body

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