RC AIRCRAFT FLYING Flying @ “The Field” Flying @ The Field 2021 Friday Fly-In @ The Field (19th March 2021)

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      Only 4 pilots in attendance today & it was rather windy but everyone there enjoyed their flying & BBQ lunch.

      Only mishap of the day was me clipping a tree with my little Pitts Special biplane. Luckily only a minor bit of damage.

      Some more videos to add later tonight including the Bumblebee thermalling along with Kermits resident eagle.

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      Only a short video today, having to much fun flying.

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      YOU WOULD have noticed the white flash on ralphs wing he’s the docile one  now Herbert he’s the aggressive one  you were lucky to day predator  I didn’t see the  calendar until 10 would have done no good anyway as I was grading my daughters drive way   some 1 mile of it  more tomorrow after sailing an BBQ  great videos fellas

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      I went boating and sailing with Scott and BA after flying, thought you were all following me! Had camera issues today as my keychain cam somehow switched on on way to the field and flattened the battery. My Firefly Split 4K footage stopped recording on my Eagles needing research. So only footage is from my old Foxeer Legend 1 cam on the AXN and here on LePetit. Looking forward to seeing Mikes eagle footage.

      And here is my only other footage today on the AXN with the 3 blade prop courtesy of UG.


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      3:49 in eagle video he is close to you. Your V tail is loose and wobbling.

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        The V tail is not loose, it’s just that the V tail is so large & the rear end of the fuse so small the V tail loading twists the fuselage slightly in hard turns. The way its fibre-glassed on it is unlikely to ever come loose.

        The eagle was very close at times but never showed any aggression, just liked tagging along I think. Mostly he was just gliding along just above & behind the V tail.

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      Thanks everyone for interesting videos….like the eagle . Mike!

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      As usual nice vidoes men. Sorry could’nt make it will be there next time

      Mike the Flight line minature flying school is about to start up

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