RC AIRCRAFT FLYING Flying @ “The Field” Flying @ The Field 2021 Friday Fly-In @ The Field (26th March 2021)

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      It was a rather windy fly in today @ the Field but the wind didn’t keep anyone grounded.

      Kermit was anxious to try out his new video camera so he did a bit less flying than usual & as a consequence had no prangs.

      Uncle G, Stephen, Hoppy & Andrew all flew without incident today.

      I had the Bixler, Li’l Eagle & BumbleBee all airborne at some time today, all without incident until the final flight after lunch with the BumbleBee.

      I was flying rather aggressively and while the internal loops, rolls & spins created no problems one final external loop somehow managed to eject the flight battery at around 100 ft.

      Luckily for me the reduced nose weight in BumbleBee (no battery or canopy) allowed it to just sort of float down & land softly in the ferns, even the LiPo battery suffered no damage from the long drop. Will need to make a new canopy cover though as it could not be found & probably blew for some considerable distance in the strong winds.

      No video of the crash as the camera was connected to the flight battery.

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      Only the one vid from me today on my TL2000. Using my Hawkeye Firefly Split 4k Cam but set to 2.6k before movie maker and youtube reduce the resolution even more:



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        Well done Mr Frog, pretty good effort for the first outing with your new camera.

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      Nice job frog,miss the soft focus though

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        GIDAY TUGBOAT  AS IT HAPPENS I WASNT FILMING PREDATOR AT THAT TIME  buggar left the caps on  so yea I did miss the battery  but now its just the canopy   we got the wheels from our beloved presidents aircraft  the boys found them  you will be pleased to know that UNCLE G was close to a perfect gentleman  today  a few  denial remarks  but other than that not to bad for a model boat builder   but tomorrow is the test  were sailing  so’ an  is the wheel chair mob   I was told their going to come to to our BBQ area  for some tucka    Their ok its just the yacht killer that has the problem…..   it will be fine  but I will tell all if it isn’t

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      Good job Kermit but you missed the flying battery.

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        WICKY OL COBBER   I buy a camera to remove the bloody soft focus an now you miss it  good god boy is there no pleasing you

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      Well done Kermit, nice job. But I’m with Tugboat, with all the filming you did today you didn’t you didn’t get the one and only crash!

      I’m ready for tomorrow, I have modified the frog catcher as Tugboat suggested and fitted a few big sharp hooks to it.

      P.S. thanks for the special mention at the end of the video.

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      AN YA KNOW WHY  DON’T YA    one eye in the view finder on one on you  an don’t try to bring tugboat into your world  he’s a nice fella  just a tad on the stirring side  that’s all

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      This Weeks bummer prize goes to……………………………Wait for it     UNCLE G

      Not one inch of film did he produce

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