RC AIRCRAFT FLYING Flying @ “The Field” Flying @ “The Field” 2020 Friday Fly-In @ The Field (4th September 2020)

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      It was a rather windy day @ the Field for flying today, forecast predicted 5 to 10 knots but I reckon it was probably closet to 10 to 20 knots. Even the windsock blew away (oh that’s right we didn’t have one today).

      Anyway regardless it was blowing a gale.

      Our President Ian stayed on the ground (receiver problem) along with Gerald (cameraman for today) but Hoppy, Stephen & I flew.

      Hoppy had the AXN Clouds up, his Esky Eagles (with ribbon attached) and a couple of others I think. Stephen flew the Red Beastie (a very short flight) & I started with the Bix 2 Sport, followed with BumbleBee then Li”l Eagle & after lunch back to BumbleBee.

      I managed a bit of poor quality HatCam video of BumbleBee, (hopefully Uncle G did better with his nice new 4K Sony handicam), and some onboard footage from the permanent camera on Li’l Eagle.

      Lunch time BBQ was enjoyed by Stephen & myself while the others just had lunchbox snacks (their loss!!).

      Unfortunately the wind returned with a vengeance after lunch so we called time @ around 13:30 and headed for warmer places.


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      Here is the footage from the clipped wing AXN today.



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        Clipped wings or not, looks like the old AXN is still flying well.

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      Here is my video of the day.

      Just need a few more lessons at the “THE TOP GUN FLIGHT SCHOOL VIDEO  PRODUCTION SECTION”.

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        Very nice Uncle G, looks like you are getting the hang of your new Video Camera.

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          Thanks Mike, Pretty happy with it so far, I even managed to get some of Kermit’s soft focus special effects in there!

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            Yes, but not TOO many.

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      Well looking at that I didn’t miss much and probably would have ended back in my tree if flying…😀😅🤣🙃😇😐🤓🤢💩👽

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      WELL THE VOTES ARE IN  THIS WAS A VERY DIFFICULT decision  to make but for viewing the days happenings and just plain good videoing  the boards decision is …………………flying @the field  UNCLE G   THIS AWARD IS ESPECIALLY SATISFYING BECAUSE OF THE SPECIAL EFFECTS   ” SOFT FOCUS ”  WELL PLACED TO MAXIMIZE EFFECT  ……….AS USUAL complaints or stuff I don’t like will be handled with respect  and filed ………………………………in the bin

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