RC AIRCRAFT FLYING Flying @ “The Field” Flying @ the Field 2022 Friday Fly-In to finish off the week

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      Well then, another flying day @ the Field today with nil wind (most of the time) and a glorious 17 degrees, not too shabby for almost the end of Autumn. Two in one week !!

      Only had four flyers available today, well three (Kermit, Ian & Mike) most of the morning but we were joined by Gerald just before lunch. He finished his morning chores & decided it was too nice a day to waste NOT flying.

      Ian had 3 very successful (and uneventful) flights with his EDF powered Trainstar throughout the day.

      Kermit got off to a bad start & pranged his new (ex Gerald) Trainstar (luckily an easy fix) and things seemed to go downhill for him from there.

      His ever reliable Sky Surfer refused to take off after it’s last round of repairs. There were a few innovative things tried to get it flying (wrong motor angle & loose elevator didn’t help) and it did eventually take to the air.

      Likewise his Hybrid Float Plane, after Monday’s failed attempt a larger prop was fitted but to no avail. By hand launching the plane, it got airborne only to find that the rudder (no ailerons on this one) had little to no control over the direction and a splashdown resulted.

      At least his repaired Wilga flew well and after a little bit more tidying up it will be as good as new.

      Gerald (with a late note for his tardy arrival time) only flew his E-sky Eyas today & then it was lunch time.

      I had several flights with the Durafly Slow Poke and another shakedown flight with the Tech Pod with onboard GoPro Hero 9. This time the camera was angled down slightly more and resolution upped to 2048 (1/2 4K) so it will be interesting to see the resultant video.

      Here is the 1080p version of the Tech Pod video from today.

      Wohoo, the 2K version has finally finished processing and its now live

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      Great pick on the weather Mike!

      That bubble has to go on the TechPod, spoiling a great picture.

      Kermit I would take the computer back and ask them to put the old stuff back in.

      I’m now ready to tackle the Fog Pond,


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        Well, that is a nice fancy looking float plane, if it flies as well as it looks it should go fine.

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        Third time lucky eh Kermit, Oh well what else can you expect on Friday 13th !!

        Oh, by the way nice video, definitely in the running for the Peoples Choice Award this week.

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      ol floatie is repaired  ready to go  New predator motor  as well  skysurfer is next  bigger screw drivers Real nice floatie you got uncle g  I can teach you how to fly off water if you want  LOVED the tech pod great views pred

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        Thanks for the generous offer for some lessons Kermit, but I would like to land up the right way and keep the water on the outside of the plane.

        I got some free lessons off Scotty a couple of week’s ago at the canal.


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        You have been a busy frog haven’t you Mr Kermit.

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      SCOTTY  SCOTTY  WHATS   he know about taking off from a lake ay narh boy stick with the one with lake knowledge  i’l help you

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      A couple of things,

      1) I have roughed out a Polling/voting page (link via top right hand corner of Main Menu) Have a look and have a vote but note that you only get one vote, there are two versions so feel free to vote in both as I want to see how they work.

      2) My 2K version of the video is still loading (may be finished by teatime)

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      The V2 Voting page looks good Mike!

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        Thanks for the feedback Gerald.

        Yes, V1 is quick & easy to set up but very limited in what you can do.

        I think V2 will be the better option and we can still set up a fairly generic voting page so that video links etc don’t need to be changed all the time.

        V2 also has a built in calendar function so voting stops automatically after 3 days (or whatever you set). You can also set a start date etc as well.

        I think I’ve now sorted out the 2K video upload to YouTube, like you said you wouldn’t want to hold your breath while YT processes it though.

        Unless it is significantly better on the big screen I’ll go back to 1080P as editing 2K is a pain on my old PC and 4K is virtually impossible.

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      Why no proper seaplanes (that actually fly) with all that water in the pond? I agree with Gerald, ditch the plastic dome on the TechPod. See if the extra drag is worth it for decent footage. Is it all matt black inside the dome? If white foam that will add to the glare.

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        As usual you are correct Chris, it is currently all white inside the dome, hopefully I’ll change it before next flight. At some point I’ll definitely try it with no dome but I’ll need to add exhaust ports as the Pod is pretty well sealed.

        Also, I will try and get the camera lens closer to the dome as its around 70mm away at the present. Still needs to be angled down more but after all it’s still a work in progress.

        Something different to keep me amused for a short while.

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