RC BOATING HI SPEED BOATS Boating Hi Speed Electric Genesis testing

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      Posted by snit on August 13, 2015

      Sorry about the quality but its just for a idea a lot more tweaking to do but its close, aiming for 140-150 klm.

      Genesis running 8s LiPo, run 2.


      Definitely looks faster than before, I will bring the GPS logger down on Saturday if you are about.


      Thanks mate
      The vid I haven’t put up shows a fairly large crash, 1 of many for the day .
      Landed upright but broke the motor mount so I thought.

      Upon further inspection later at home the crash also split the hull all the way around at the join so this hull has been retired for now .

      Better things to come but not a HK Genesis
      Should be ready to test again next weekend Pred if you could bring it them possibly.

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