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      Oh Mr kermit what a legen you are

      Ihave but one question

      How come the arrow is facing in the opposite direction from which it was fired from.

      Me thinks you need to get your props organised a bit better, overall a mighty fine effort I could not have landed the golf ball into the boat site un seen.

      What was all the puffing sound effects for are you that unfit or was it for special effects knowing that people would comment.

      But as your dedicated 2ic It is my duty to support you no matter what the cause maybe

      love love love the effort my little green friend

      Cheers for now MR MOOSE

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      MR MOOSE SIR ,With respect  there were no props used in the production of the golf video  it was all done in one continuous film as for the arrow direction it was very windy but I allowed for that hence the angle and direction its all skill once you have it its with you for life as for the superb boat shot once again skill local knowledge a no brainer really  lastly unfortunately the near two months of  lung problem has left me with even more depleted capacity did ya ever get a frog an stick a hollow tube up his kiber an blow him up  I’m looking into that method for me the only problem I can see is getting a friend to do the blowing ………..HALLO FRIEND

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      Well done Mr Frog, however, whilst not wishing to rain on your parade, the wind at the time didn’t really seem strong enough to turn the arrow completely around AND given the angle of the arrow I reckon you cheated and shot it from the ground & not the roof, but still a good shot none the less!!!

      Not so sure about the golf ball in the boat though as I’m sure you must have been using some sort of radio controlled trick ball as it went from yellow to white & then back to yellow.

      Just my thoughts on the matter.

      Quality video production none the less, looks like you are now setting a standard that we will all need to strive towards.

      As for a “blowing” friend, I believe a bike pump does just as good a job without you needing to get lips too close to the orifice!!!

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      MR PREDATOR SIR  DOWN HERE AT TOADHALL we have a lazy wind when I did that outstanding shot from the roof as you saw,  the (lazy wind ) was going through me an NOT  around allowing me to do the impossible  shot “its a toad hall thing ” once understood its possible to do unbelievable archery shots AND golf shots  now as to the colour change of the boat unfortunately I tried a colour lens just to get a certain effect and you saw that change as a possible cheating effect  HOW could you think I would stoop so low as to fake all this video  sooooo sad  LASTLY ” blowing friend ” this would be the way to find out who your real friends are  ……I trust this explanation as to the skillful golf and archery shots that were performed  now eases your mind……  TRUST ME  I would never cheat

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      Ah I see, so just like the sailing and flying reports, it’s the frogs eye version of the truth and that is all that needs to be said eh?

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        one word    EXACTLY 

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      I,ve got a bike pump

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        SOOOO …… I  take it your not a friend

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      From IanRM

      The advent on our screens of this new group Green Frog Productions shows that there are artists in our midst that reveal creative talent of a high level. The principal character Kermit, hides behind that compact frame and those dreamy blue eyes, (so unusual in his species) a steeliness of purpose and such a high level of accuracy in the feats performed, that shall surely lead to many more performances of a similarly high standard. Bravo Kermit!

      Cheers, Ian Rex Imperator,  (in abeyance)

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        THANK YOU THANK YOU  OH MIGHTY OF THE MIGHTIEST  yes dear leader there are some of the lower class saying that my feats were staged ie golf ball glued onto the flagpole /arrow hole  drilled into said ball  /golf ball dropped into boat   such devious tricks like that would never enter my mind  what you saw oh mighty leader was pure talent,  the doubters  (and there are many ) cannot accept that someone small green an a little wide can do mind blowing feats with out skulduggery,  thank you for your trust in my   honesty and integrity   that I hold so dear   respectfully ……. KERMIT LA FROG

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      Well froggo I see you took my advice and developed the ‘boomer rangi turning arrow thingy’ just putting it here cause there a sceptics or septics doubting your robin hood skills that all talanted residents  of Beautiful Sandford have, well done green thingy..🐸🐸🐸🐸🐸🐸🐸🐸🐸🐸🐸🐸🐸🐸🐸🐸🐸🐸

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        DEAR BAD ANGEL  As you are aware the winds down here are strange to say the least but what you saw in the brilliant video of archery skill and golf was I swear on a pack of bibles was real what you witnessed was just something i’m very good at  that’s all   PS    WHERE DID YOU GET THE FOGGY ICONS

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      Coming soon to Kayo – Frog Sports. hope you remember your friends when you are famous kermit. Or maybe a new science channel to disprove all we have been taught..

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      DEAR TUG BOAT What friends ?   most don’t beleave I did what you saw an again when my lung problem was exposed how many jumped to the for  an said I’m your friend let me blow  … No one did   widdle wicky offered a bike pump not the answer I was after…… but it showed who’s a friend    Its lonely at the top being the EL PRESIDENTE of the flight line gang … Manager/OWNER  and CFI of the TOP GUN FLIGHT SCHOOL    MANAGER/ OWNER of the 65/95 sail boat school for the older gentlemen   and now film producer of TOADHALL FILM PRODUCTIONS  (where I do all my own stunts ) an now to answer your question “will you remember your friends when your famous”  ….. only those that blow … you wanna be a friend tugboat …..     KERMIT LA FROG

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      The best I can do is a spare air pump from my aquarium. At least it is aquatic based.

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