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      This is a series of public (and private) videos from our Australia Day 2021 camping trip into the Henty River on the wild West Coast of Tasmania.

      It will take a little while for all the videos to be edited & posted as I have heaps of 4K video from the Mavic Pro Platinum, the GoPro Hero 9 & the 4K Sony HandiCam.

      We also did a trip from our camp-site to Strahan then up Ocean Beach to the Henty River Mouth. This was filmed on the GoPro Hero 9 @ 4K till I ran out of SD card storage so not sure exactly what I did & didn’t get.

      This was the first time I have had my new (second hand) 2015 Subaru Outback off-road and she handled the track (which is getting rougher every year) with consummate ease.

      I was a bit worried about going bush with the Outback (and its 5 years old), the LDV Trail Rider Ute was only 2 weeks old and had less than 500 klm on the clock!!

      Once we left the Blacktop, X-Mode was selected and the auto transmission was locked in 2nd gear, that was where it stayed till we were back on the Blacktop.

      The first clip is Dashcam video of the track from the Zeehan/Strahan road to our camp-site right beside the Henty River.

      Unfortunately the BlackVue DR750-X dashcam used proprietary compression & I have to pre process the video files for my editor to accept, this significantly reduces the quality. Now fixed.

      On Part 2 of the Subaru video I have fixed the resolution on the Dash Cam footage. Still needed to be pre edited but this time I retained the 4K resolution. Part 1 has now also been redone to fix the resolution.

      More to follow, any private videos will only be available via links below and not on my general YouTube website

      Vehicle Trips

      Mavic Pro Platinum (all flights in Sports Mode)

      This is the first time I have used Sport mode and the average forward speed was just under 50kph with a maximum forward speed recorded at 60.3 kph according to the DJI Go 4 app flight logs.

      Private Camping videos

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      Much dryer trip than some previous.

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        Yes Tug, for the first trip in a long time it was dry when we got there & still dry when we left (but only just as the rain started a few hundred metres down the track).

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      awesome  bring on the next one

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      Great stuff Mike waiting for next episode.

      Weather behaved it self I See

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        Well almost Moose, we had a roaring, hot Northerly come through on Saturday night (well early Sunday morning actually) from just after midnight till around 3:00am, luckily no damage to the tent though, and it started to rain just as we left on Monday morning. Other than that all good.

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          Yea   I know what that’s like pred   I had the dragon roaring hot come on Saturday night luckily I got to the spare room  before she could get to me   SOOOO  all’s good

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          Yes Kermit but you always were a bit of a wimp around dragons !!

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          I could feel hurt with that comment BUTTTT  yea its true

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      enjoyed the videos Mike

      Sure is a majestic place I love the west coast

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      Part 2 of the Subaru footage has now been uploaded. I think this time I have fixed the DashCam resolution.

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      You got back to black top and didn’t get or shoes dirty or wet. Confidence taking the tow eye out before end of journey. Initially I thought he would pull out the Max Tracs. Need to get the shire to put a D9 down it just before next trip.

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        Tug, unfortunately where I got stuck was in a narrow cutting, too narrow to open the doors, could have climbed out the window at a pinch but!!

        I figured the Outback would get stuck there because of the depth of the holes but I wanted to see what the drive train diagnostics display showed.

        It had been green all the way and didn’t ever look like losing traction but once I got stuck all wheels lit up orange.

        5 minutes with a shovel to move the track centre mound into the holes & she would have walked through it with no problems.

        We did actually leave the tow eye in place till we got back to the blacktop, Craig was just making sure it was tight & wouldn’t fall out.

        I’ve just about finished the rest of the Part 2 video so will replace this half one with the full track within the next hour or so.

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        We had a set of MaxTrax onboard the ute just in case but they never even got unboxed. Probably could have laid them over the holes and used them as a bridge!!

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      Yes Moose the west coast is the place to be, apart from the fires and Covid lock down. Oh I misunderstood, seems another state has a west coast.

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        Yes I guess we are a bit lucky down here, we have coast at ALL points of the compass.

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      Apologies Pred, now I have seen the whole trip you did indeed get wet. Did you get any scratches on the side of car on that track. Looked mainly ferns.

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        Yes, we picked the right time to leave, it started to rain just as we left camp and continued quite heavily till back at Queenstown then on and off all the way home.

        As for scratches, there were some very minor marks but nothing a quick polish with Nu Finish didn’t fix.

        One of the advantages of purchasing cars second hand is that generally they come pre scratched so you tend to not worry quite as much.

        As I remarked in one of the videos, Craig’s LDV ute was brand new, only purchased a week before the trip. He got a few marks from bush bashing in a couple of spots but I’m sure they are all polished out by now.

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      yea tugboat  I was wondering about that to  nice new car  goes in perfect comes out as a bush basher

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        No Kermit, not quite a bush basher yet. I stuck to the track and don’t think I got over about 12 kph in and out.

        I would have liked to try the Outback in the actual sand dunes but the track to get there is a bit too overgrown for my liking.

        We did get through with the ute and cleaned up several of the worst areas with the chainsaw as we went but you don’t get as many dune buggies down there as used to be, they kept the trackside growth well trimmed, but not any more.

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      All 4 unlisted camping videos have now been added.

      Only viewable here as they are not visible on my YouTube site.

      All the videos took a bit longer than I thought but all done now.

      Only the DVD to burn for Jim now to add to his growing collection.

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      57 trips thats an amazing record, no younger ones interested in joining the tradition? Wondered where the buggy was and now I know but where was the flag? Compliments to the Chef, you ate really well. Can under stand why a bit of toast might be all he wanted for breakfast after all those meals. A great tradition recorded in time again, hope you have many more. Thanks for posting Pred.

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      ARAAAAH TWAS LIKE I WAS THERE  excellent videos  appreciate the opportunity to  join the trip

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