YOUTUBE VIDEOS Henty River Camping 2022

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      Once again this year we ventured into the wilds of the Tasmanian West Coast and out to our usual Campsite @ the Henty River.

      This trip is normally done over the Australia Day holiday weekend but this year Jim was in Covid Lockdown at his nursing home so we needed to postpone the trip till the Hobart Regatta Day weekend.

      This was the second trip into the Henty River in my 2015 Subaru Outback and also the second trip for Craig’s LDV 4WD ute.  This time the Outback got in and out with no towing involved at all. The LDV also performed much better in the sand this year with a new set of wheels and tyres that were better suited to the task than the factory fitted ones of the previous trip.

      We left in the early hours of Friday morning and intended to return Monday evening but the weather had other ideas.

      Around 2:30 AM on Sunday morning a howling Northerly gale developed and proceeded to try and destroy the campsite. The wind still hadn’t abated by daylight and our camp was by this time looking rather worse for wear so it was decided to salvage what we could and head for home.

      Oh well another adventure to talk about in our twilight years.

      Once again it will take a while to get all the videos & pics edited and posted so check back regularly if you are interested.

      As with previous years several of the videos will be private listed & only available here and not on my YouTube channel.

      First video (only one from the Mavic Pro this year) as we went looking for the river mouth.

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      Nice video Mike looks like a good time was had by all Pity about the wind

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      Great video, shame about the weather. Better luck next time ☺️

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      i was waiting for a jump setup  woulda been perfect   next time  good one cobber

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      All videos from this years trip now added.

      Hopefully we will have better luck next year.

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      I DO HOPE THE boys get to see your videos   the last one  was surperb  I was hungry  I was tired  I had fun  an all from home  THANK YOU

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      Regardless of the weather I am sure you all had a good time

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