GENERAL CHIT CHAT (inc Buy & Sell) How do you store your model planes?

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      Looking for ideas on how to store planes.

      Here is a short video of my “plane room” but I’m starting to run out of room.


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        Now Kermit, if you could just get them all organised & working you would have a marvellous collection.

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        That’s a great video Kermit. Looks like you have tidied up a bit since I was last there.

        You have a mixture of hangers and racking and I like the idea of what looks like removing the keels of the boats so they sit flat on the table.

        It looks like a large block with sheds is the way to go.

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          robo dear boy nope i just cut holes in the table keel an rudder  easy peasie

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      Yes Ron, it’s a bit of an issue when you start doubling up on all your hanging models, makes for a problem when you want the other one.

      Racking them up is the only way to go.

      That way you still have room for the boats !!

      and the cars

      Unfortunately some cars & boats still have to be stored elsewhere

      Admittedly I have significantly downsized both the boat fleet ( only 13 now) & the plane collection (only 17 now) but now at least it’s easy to get to whatever model you want.


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        Thanks for the photos Mike. You are super organised with all your models.

        I like the idea of racking but I’ll need to work out how to clear some floor space unless the racks can be attached to the walls?

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        That’s no good Mike, too easy for the wife to see how many planes you have,  Kermit’s system is much better!

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          I was gunna get the dragon to do a clean up of the shed then I thought  NARHHH its fine   its an adventure  just going in there  why should i give the dragon a nice time like that

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      WELL it looks like ROBO RON is after the golden moose award in another category IE  foreign video   Well so be it I’m in let me show you how I how I solve the problem  an win the GMA   YA GOTTA BE IN IT TO WIN IT  ………………..just sayn

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      ohhh pred I knew you would be a problem  but your disqualified as its not a video  sorry …………….not

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        Well there you go, and I thought it was just Robo Ron seeking some advice. Didn’t realise he had inadvertently started a new GMA competition !!.

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      YEP he’s a sneaky widdle buggar …………….ya gotta watch him

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      There just may be some cases of too many toys!!

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        You could well be right Pete however even with lots of models, their purchase & maintenance still has to be way cheaper than a horse !!

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          So very true Mike!!

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      HA HA   well said pred bet that stirred the little possum  come on captain pete  dont let him get away with that

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      was that the best ya got pete   geeze fella that wasnt a stir  or are you waiting to ram pink bits into preds boat next time we sail

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        That is the way gentlemen discuss matters. There was no stirring intended or implied, just a statement of fact, promptly agreed upon by the recipient.

        Live & learn Mr Frog, live & learn.

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      Awwwww you fellas are no fun Im going back to the fur coat AT LEAST BE BITES  an then some

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