RC AIRCRAFT BUILDS Electric Powered Ian’s Mini Convergence refit (an exercise in futility)

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      After many months of trying numerous solutions (all with little or no luck), Ian has given up, on his Horizon Hobby Mini Convergence, as a bad joke & donated it to me for parts or whatever.

      Whilst I’m no expert when it comes to Spektrum gear, after a lot of testing with different receivers & protocols I believe that the flight control board is faulty, in that it will accept no inputs from any SBus connected receiver.

      After originally thinking of breaking the plane down for parts or offering it to Hoppy for spares for his HH lookalike that flies fine, I opted to try one last time to get it to fly.

      Because of the “one board” design and very limited space I’ve used the original flight controller board as the BEC & power distribution board and wired all the controls direct to an 8 channel RadioMaster R168 receiver. Had to strip the cover from the Rx to make it fit but it is now all together & the COG is correct.

      The new setup is;

      Ch 1 – Front Motor Left

      Ch 2 – Front Motor Right

      Ch 3 – Rear Motor (switchable for VTOL)

      Ch 4 – Aileron Left

      Ch 5 – Aileron Right

      Ch 6 – Front Left Motor Tilt

      Ch 7 – Front Right Motor Tilt

      Ch 8 – Feed in for power to Rx

      After a fair bit of “creative” programming in OpenTx on the Taranis I think it is now ready to test.

      Switch 1 (3 pos) controls motor angle, up, 45deg & 90deg

      Switch 2 (2 pos) disables all motors (got to have some safety protocols)

      Pot 1 & 2 adjust angle of front motors but only in the upright position to allow for stable (hopefully) hover for takeoff & landing.

      Throttle works as per normal

      Ailerons work as per normal

      Elevator works as per normal

      Because there is NO flight control to work the VTOL (tricopter) mode I have set up the two radio pots to adjust the tilt angle of the front motors, with just a little fiddling it will now take off vertically and hover well enough to allow to switch to aircraft mode. This lowers both motors for full forward power, disables the rear motor & allows the ailerons to work normally.

      May still need a bit of fine tuning but that will have to wait till next time at the field.

      Will be interesting to say the least.

      Like I said it may well be an exercise in futility, but its been fun on a couple of cold rainy days.

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          Just like my hero I to have been busy  trying to program this little flyer   the icm board was toast  but with super glue and soldering iron   shes still toast but a different colour   I have been able to bypass this board and inserted a turngy BEC  with a speed  thingi and to my surprise   her eyes blinked….her legs unfolded she sat up straight and SPOKE   the words I heard made me  cry  she said WHERES MY MASTER UNCLE G     you see I  brought her from uncle g  years back … cheap .. he said she was no good as she didnt do the washing up   AN HES RIGHT  i pulled the plug       any one want a non washing up blow up doll     could offer her to moose  but then that would put him out of a job ………………………..just say’n

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      I will bring my VTOL tomorrow for comparison.

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