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      All Tuesday PD sailing suspended

      Fellow Puddleduckers ….. it is with sadness I must inform you that our regular sailing/racing days at the pond have been suspended indefinitely from 24.03.2020 until further notice.

      I have just gotten off the phone with PD management and all food, drinks and wine tastings are likewise finished for now. PD will under the new rules be allowed to sell bottles of their wine over the counter however they cannot offer a tasting service.

      On the brighter side, for skippers who would still like an ‘unofficial’ sail, PD management has extended our use of the pond on Tuesdays mornings subject to the following conditions.

      If either you, or anybody you have close contact with are sick in any way, please do not turn up.

      When you are there, please keep your distance from others. I won’t bang on about that because there is plenty in the press and social media about the importance of doing so.

      Don’t park close to the buildings, just walking to and from your car to the pond is fine.

      A portable site toilet will be available for our use on the far side of the pond. If you use this we are requested to disinfect any area we touch before and after the business for everyone’s safety.

      The social disconnect that comes with this pandemic weighs heavily on us all.

      On any Tuesday RC Toys Tasmania members, with respect to the above, are welcome to come along and blow off the blues, get some fresh air and do what we love best at our favourite pond. No scoring, write-ups or media, just sailing for the pure fun of it.

      See you there. _/)__/)_/)__

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      YEP THOUGHT THAT MIGHT HAPPEN  bugger  but as I’m still not ok  looks like I’m sitting this one out longer than I expected   This isn’t the end for our group we will return may be not for a while  but we will return   stay safe my friends  see you all later  kermit la frog

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      These are very strange times and a bit testing for some of us. I really look forward to the social contact of our group and miss it when I am unable to do the Tuesday thing at the Duck. The sailing is great but I think that some of us need the social interaction  – and I am certainly one of those.

      It is great that you are keeping the flag flying Col and in a couple of weeks I hope I am up to having a sail out there as well. Meanwhile I intend to sail at the Canal on Saturdays just because it is physically easier for me there.

      So looking forward to all this being over and once again enjoying the thrill of Pink Bits attacking the windward mark on Port tack and hearing you all scream abuse at me!!  Just love it.





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      Welllll ol Pinky  yep testing times for sure  when UNCLE G  got crook  I Email’d  him with a simple request as he was near deaths door that he give me two of his best boats as obviously he wouldn’t need em em being dead an all  an quite quickly he replied that in fact he had just boxed his best two  an would post em when one leg was in the door  well the buggar got better didnt he  so no boats  soooo Pete me ol cobber pink bits would go down quite nicely with the rest of my fleet  if ya get a chill an a runny nose why not just box pink bits up just in case……. she couldn’t go to a more capable skilled  skipper than myself  unfortunately Pete I cant offer the same to you as I intend to go the viking way so their gunna get cooked to    SO UNTIL THE RUNNY NOSE AN CHILL  stay safe cobber  an have a laugh  its free

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