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      Our friends at Forcett Lakes had an “IOM Classics” Regatta today.

      Great to see that so many classics have had the dust shaken off and they have had a sail today.

      From what I have been told, it was a real great day, with some fresh wind blowing for them. A lot of fun was had.

      Great to see that Jammy Jones came along to assist with PRO duties for the day. Thanks for helping out Jammy.

      Peter Webberley sailed a great day today, taking first place, with 42 points.

      Second place went to Phil Jackman, three behind on 45, and Wayne Behrens and Phil Turner came third, tied on 50 points.

      From what I have been told, the sailors don’t have to keep the classics away for too long, with more being planned, possibly in a few months.

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      Race organis0r Pete Webberley advised all participants that no drops were to be included in todays racing. Cheers Trout


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      Thanks Trout. All I was asked to do was to compile the scores, and was not given anything more, so that’s all I did.

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      I regret missing the IOM Classics Regatta at Forcett Lakes last weekend and I look forward to the next one.

      It would have been good to watch.

      Was there any video taken on the day?

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        I haven’t seen any video Ron.

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      Some description of these older designs and how they differ from the modern hull shapes would be useful. Also I have no idea of the relative expected speeds of these hulls.  A summary of the IOM hull shapes would be good – anyone know of such a document?

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        Pete, Probably the biggest difference is the older boats generally are wider in the beam than than the newer designs.

        This is a TS2, an Australian design from around 2000. It won the world championships

        Compared with a modern IOM,

        The older boats are still competitive and sometimes better in the right conditions. (Just ask the Admiral)

        You are welcome to come down to Forcett Lakes and have a go anytime



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      Thanks Gerald.


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      Here is some footage from the day,

      Video supplied by Peter Webberley

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      What magnificent boats. Looks like a lot of fun.

      Thanks for sharing Peter.

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        Yes Ron they are nice to sail, could be something for you to do in retirement?

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      Last two video’s,

      Video supplied by Peter Webberley

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