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      A few pics from today’s sailing of IOM’s @ the Duck
      The weather was against us today, freezing cold with no wind and no sun.
      We still had a good turnout with eight yachts in total.
      Don had his newly renovated yacht in action (147) and it was showing great performance.

      Ricky turned up to watch but was given my spare boat to sail. (won’t be long until he gets one)


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      Its a bugger  there when there is no wind an its cold  but the pictures looks great  how did the sailors like the pond  one word of advice  if i may never never give Ricky a spare boat  unless you make it useless  that boy will come up an BITE ya

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        Kermit, you are right about Ricky, I think he was ahead of me in every race. (but that could be because my mentor & coach wasn’t there)

        I haven’t had much feedback on how they liked the pond, but they all liked going inside to the warmth and having a coffee.

        It also was very quite on Thursday without you and no green boats.

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      ARHHHHH MY LITTLE PADAWAN     we need to use the force against this rising demon  orrrrrrr   just sink the bugger   an your right it is nice to finish a day with a cup of earl grey   the lesser mortals can drink their coffee      not looking good for Saturday

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        Couldn’t sink him, he was sailing my boat!

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      No IOM with coloured sails?

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        Not a pink sail in sight!

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      there’s an opening for you Pete

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      I am used to seeing some coloured sails on the Duck pond. Mind you the timber IOM does add a bit of interest!!

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