RC AIRCRAFT BUILDS Electric Powered Islander 2A twin engine RC Plane

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      I recently acquired a scratch build Par Avion Islander 2A twin engine RC plane from the builder Graeme C who has downsized his accommodation and was finding difficulty storing all his brilliant builds.

      The Islander only needed some very minor repairs but at the same time I took the opportunity to install an FY-41AP Auto Pilot/Stabiliser with GPS, Circle Mode & RTH including RTH in failsafe mode.

      Also converted the plane to counter rotating engines and fitted 1 x 8×6 cw standard electric prop and 1 x 8×6 ccw pusher electric prop. This setup negates and prop torque and makes for smoother take-offs and flights.

      The plane also has switchable FAA navigation lights, multi position flaps & a steerable nose wheel.

      Everything seems to be functioning correctly so all we need now is some decent flying weather to test it out.

      Now the Islander is finished & ready to fly its time to start on the Foxbat Ultra lite that was acquired at the same time.


      The strip down & rebuild of the Foxbat A22LS is under way

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      Well then, apart from installing the removable clears the Foxbat is finished, including radio programming & should be OK to fly.

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