RC BOATING YACHTING Sailing @ Lauderdale Canal Sailing & Boating @ Lauderdale Canal 2022 Just a quiet little sail @ the Canal

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      Balmy 22 degrees, gentle breeze & no rain, what more could you ask for ?

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      WHAT A DAY three new prospects  for our group …… three members of the wheel chair mob wandered up to our floating platform  more or less begging to play with us and as a friendly bunch we of course welcomed them they actually wandered up with out their wheel chairs or walkers    they however did leave one of their group back at their end  because no one would push him up to us   good sailing was the order of the day  sunshine  joggers what more do you need   any way both groups enjoyed the sailing and putt putting  if we can circumvent the wheel chairs  I recon we could decrepitate and sail down to them  an say g’day  in the near future

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      It was a good day held by all

      not sure why Gerald didn’t film or come for a walk

      what with a star performer like me in your films
      your gonna run out of shelf space with all the awards
      just sayin kermit

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      FRUITIE DEAR BOY   There is no video awards for sailing  we do at our end have our own star performer  that is BIG BAD DAVE   watching him chase after the female joggers is a performance worth an Oscar he starts off sorta well but after a dozen steps  he hast to stop  he says this is to give the lass a fair chance we all turn away at that stage  …its a sad  ending

      as  for the sinker  he comes up after the wheel char mob have boarded their bus and departed he likes to keep a low profile ……………………just say’n

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      I have a inkling for

      FROG leg soup

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