RC AIRCRAFT FLYING Flying @ “The Field” Flying @ “The Field” 2020 Just another fun filled day @ The Field

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      Only a small turn up today for what is our final fly in before Christmas 2020 and probably the last fly for 2020.

      We looked at returning to our old field (at the Sandford Rifle Range paddock) after the hay had all been mown but a closer inspection revealed that under the stubble the ground is still very rough from the ploughing when seeding the grass crop, so it was back to our other paddock where the grass is currently a bit long for the smaller wheeled planes but at least the ground under it is relatively smooth.

      The day was nice & warm (for Tassie) but there was a fair breeze about early, abating around midday (as usual – while we lunched).

      Not much to report so just watch the videos & enjoy.

      Merry Christmas

      The following is an Unlisted Video

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      Nice stuff gang, maybe next time…

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      A great day thanks gang.

      as usual fun and frivolity was enjoyed by all and hopefully it will continue into 2021

      Oh I forgot liked the videos just like watching an old Charlie Chaplin film

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      Thank you eveyone; the videos get more polished every time!    Great to see the lovely Miss Piggy back again.

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      yes Mr president she was thrilled to jump again but with Christmas tucka around she did put on weight

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