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      FLYING A PHANTOM ISNT EASY   just ask kermit la frog….. Several prangs a few smashed thingies  is all in a days bit of fun  This is my first video  so insult me I dont care   I will get better but not yet  enjoy an giggle

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      A quality production there Kermie  my man. Well done.

      Definitely expect to see more great productions in the future.

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      THANK YOU OH MIGHTY ONE  first try not to bad I guess but yep it will improve as does old wine

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      Well done Kermit, you never cease to entertain. Cant believe La Frog is still in one piece or do we have a sewing session between each take.

      Hopefully you are now back to full health.

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        TUGBOAT my man I would like to say  “NO LITORIA GRACILENTA” were harmed in this video but alas Kermit was indeed harmed  several times in fact but being the trooper he is he wanted a successful flight so although fluff from his belly was hanging out he went on to have a successful flight before succumbing to his injury’s  he was taken away for an autopsy  then there was a miracle  “he was alive”     but with  spinal injury’s  he is now recuperating at toad hall  and in the mean time I have built a seat which will hold him in place on the phantom stopping him slipping into the blades as before  We at top gun flight school have a care program at our school to which Kermit is an integral part  so all costs associated to his health is taken care of  ( but we are open to donations )   Miss piggy has been a trotter all along  by his side  through out this stressful time   who knows will she fly the dreaded phantom   stay tuned

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      I think you may have been in isolation for to long?

      But that was a great high quality video Kermit!

      Good to see you had some nice background music as well, (BA can’t do that)


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        Isolation  what  Isolation   I sail….I fly..  I keep my distance from the dragon what could be better   Im far enough away from her that the flames from her snozzell cant get to me  life’s good  an by the way UNCLE G  that mock sentence  “great high quality video”   did not go unnoticed  As the new president of the flight line gang let me just say be careful with words  my deputy MR MOOSE records all  RC TOYS  notices for later reference associated with a reprimand  So in future efforts from me with videos a more sincere grovelling praise would be better  AS FOR THE MUSIC   I have you to thank for the excellent music associated with the video (with listening one learns  )  in BA’s defense he may not have the music function on his program  (maybe we…  you an I could hummm a few bars for him  to record )   so UNCLE G in essence I thank you for your acknowledgment of my video      your loving   PRESIDENT    FLIGHT LINE GANG : KERMIT LA FROG




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      That was a very entertaining video, Kermit!  I think in these virus-ridden times we need plenty of fun stuff! Liked the music too!  Well done, my faithful friend!    Your president in abeyance, Ian RI

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      I liked the music. I suggest to the President that all drone and fpv videos need music.

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      Academy award performance El Presidente.Love the music

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      RICKY RICKY RICKY    The only person I take notice of has blessed me with a critique on my  very first video hand crafted performed directed and produced in the toadhall production studio  . Your grovelling has raised your membership to a new level on the scale board so keep it up dear boy  as for the music  I had to scrounge far an wide for the perfect sound and to key it  into the production ( far to complicated to  explain to a non video maker )  serv’ice to say thank you an I still love ya woman

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      AH  Mr Frog a great effort only have one comment could you clean the lens next time as I could not believe what I saw as for the music loved it

      I notice the Bad angle has not commented yet he might be preparing something to compete.

      To Bad Angel

      No matter what you do you won’t beat Kermit’s effort especially the beautiful music and background effects took him weeks to train the dog

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      THANK YOU MR MOOSE  your wise words have been noted My little girl did the filming as I was to busy crashing an other stuff with kermit   THE dragons dog did a fantastic job at acting and I may use her in upcoming videos ( SHE ONLY COSTS A BONE TO HIRE ) and ofcouse more beautiful music  will be added as hoppy has suggested an I agree

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