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      A poor day for sailing  light winds often none  but the banter from the motley crew kept the day alive  MOO  forgot his braces  you know the ones …yep the gay ones  so  he was quite for the day  China was late for the sail  but still pushed a few fellow sailors around  Capt pugwash  what a day he had  the boy hardly had time to sail  WHY  COSE HE HAD THE ONLY GUMBOOTS  so he was relegated to boat retrieval  voluntarily  ….sort of    outstanding jobs done  Bad Angel arrived as promised   he volunteered to take kermie out for a sail which was quickly taken up The little fella had a whale of a time  Andrew our resident glider fly boy sailed with us  showing that not only is he a poor   fair ok   arhhh    great pilot but a dab hand at sailing too,  We had visitors from the wheel chair mob  the Sinker  once again asking if his application was approved for joining our elite group again disappointment was shown on his face as he was told its in the system  an Cap’n Pete came by for quick a yarn then he was off   Georgie our resident goddess sailed her 95  with perfection  only parking  the 95  arhhhh that doesn’t matter  pugwash brought his grandson along  an boy did he sail well  talented young fella   As usual the  BBQ  was at 12  more bull crap was discussed dissimulated  an eventually it was decided we couldn’t give a damn   any way   so ended our sailing day ……………………………………..just sayn

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      Kermit’s back, what an outstanding write-up from the frog.

      Thanks for the warm welcome when “Sinker” came down to the jetty. Amazing what the microphone picks up! (6.59)

      Kermit must still be feeling a bit off, he didn’t run into me today?………………………………Just sayn.

      My video (in 4K) from down the good end.

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      The green froggy thingy illegally boarded the ‘Angel’ sailed for a while then grounded it then had the audacity to  scream for ‘HELP’ how pathetic was that then had to be rescued by Capt Pugwash, the frog should really stick to parachuting ..


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