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      Popped along to the Dam today to sail with the RBRYC DF95 fleet for the last time in 2018.

      Good roll up, didn’t count but I’d guess at ten or so. Lot of the usual suspects, Richard and Cliff from STRYC, David Jones, Wayne Behrends, Kim Potter, Phil Turnbul, Ray Joyce, Tony Brewer (without boat), our own Don McLeod, yours truly and officiating was Anthony Wardrop.

      Day started fairly slow with a fickle breeze, undecided as to which direction it wished to come from. By the time the few scratch races were run and we were ready for the handicap starts it settled on a WSW direction and about 5-7 knots.

      The Southern Bushrangers had the lions share of placings while I had a pretty spotty run. Good starts mostly but I usually managed to make a dumb decision somewhere in the race and ended up 4th  or 5th as a result. It’s a tricky place to sail and those that did best were regular sailors at that venue.

      The day turned very pleasant with steady breezes and some close finishes among the fleet as the races progressed.  My 5 min of fame came in the last race of the day after a small fiddle with the settings. I managed to blitz the fleet after a good start and finished a whopping 1/2 lap ahead of everyone. Most satisfying but likely to gain the unwelcome attention of the handicapper for next time.

      If you are undecided about coming along and are yet to test the waters on a DF95 day (held first Wednesday of the month) I can recommend going. It’s a great event to test yourself against some very good sailors with well set up boats. Most will share their knowledge and help you get a good setup for the day.

      The guys are friendly, the access is easy and the weed seems under control at the moment. I sailed all day and didn’t get any, though some skippers did.

      Andrew does a terrific job as PRO and the atmosphere is good.

      Highly recommended.

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