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      POSSIBLE SAD DAY    as I drove past the wheel chair mobs site  on the way to our floating platform,     in the middle of 10/15 wheel chairs  was UNCLE G   with his arms and head raised to the heavens in what I can only assume was prayer    little did I realise what he was proposing  to the group …. What transpired with the wheel chair mob and the white cane mob was a mass lemmings  to the last man  Not a wheel chair or cane was left … in my video if you look hard enough  you will see several submerged wheels sticking out of the mud   and the sea gulls in a eating frenzy   …….NOW THE UP SIDE OF THIS LEMMINGS ACT IS WE NOW HAVE AN ALTERNITIVE SITE IN WHICH TO SAIL  FROM   so next week the floaters will meet at the   X modellers site to test it out  AN PURHAPS  a BBQ on days end

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      OUR DAY CONCISTED OF 5 MEMBERS on site  only 3 sailed  the weather was cold…. blo..y cold… the wind was up  but not to bad for seasoned sailors  the wheel chair mob disappeared  (see story above )  so peace and tranquillity transpired to make this day one to remember a possible sad note  is the demise of the far end mob  but that’s life    (just as I  was beginning to like the boy ) AFTER SAILING  we relaxed with the sun beating down onto our bodies as Dave perved on  the chickee  babes walking their dogs toddled past …………………ya gotta love the fella  ” he tries ” another one who tries  bull dog  the owner of RONS REEF  missing in action today  sadly missed  get well soon boy   that’s it ya all

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      We had a very good turn up for the Marine Modellers today considering the weather. but as we aren’t stupid, no one put a boat in the water, instead we had a pleasant discussion, caught up on all the gossip and talked about the “Bloaters” wondering what had happened to them?

      As for the bloaters, just Kermit on his own for most of the morning, in fact I was a bit worried about him so I ducked up to the jetty just to see if he was alright.

      (I think he wanted to join our group as he kept sailing his yacht up at our end)

      A picture tell a thousand words –

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      How cruel Uncle G I personally saw a dog on the jetty.

      What a bummer Kermit the weather turned out ok but the Moose had gone into keep warm mode

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        Wise decision Moose

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      soooo UNCLE G  your not ………gone …. then why ..where ..did you all go so fast  if not bird bait ? old folk just don’t move that fast

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      A bit more on Scott’s Surf Rescue boat.

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