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      Please take note that when posting photos to any RCToysTas forums you MUST reduce the size of each photo to 1024 x ?? (usually around 768). If you don’t your post will go into a hidden file awaiting approval.

      Posting photos that are too large cause three main problems.

      1) your post needs administrator approval BEFORE you or anyone else can view it

      2) your large photos significantly increase the time it takes to load the post when someone views it (especially so on portable devices).

      3) you waste valuable storage resources on our website server, available storage is finite and to increase it costs significantly more than what we currently pay.

      Fixing the problem is as simple as downloading Picasa (its free) and using it to store & edit your photos.

      Select the photos you wish to post and then export them at 1024 pixels resolution before posting them into the forum.

      You can also add a watermark to mark your photos.

      Lesson 5 Video – How to resize pics in Picasa & then post them to our Forums

      For those that still have problems posting images, please view Lesson #4 as well as #5 for a better understanding of posting both Video files & Pic files.

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