RC AIRCRAFT FLYING Flying @ “The Field” Flying @ “The Field” 2020 Life goes on – Fly-In @ The Field 24th March 2020


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      Well, like a lot of the world at present Tas is in Lockdown with no one in or out of the State without a mandatory 14 days Self Isolation due to the Covid-19 Pandemic  but we weren’t going to let that spoil a perfect flying day.

      As it was impossible to meet the Social Separation requirements within our humpy it was decided to forgo the customary BBQ lunch & quiet ale for a sandwich eaten down in the field where we actually fly.

      All separation protocols were easy to follow down here by simply parking all the vehicles further away from one another and generally maintaining 4sqm space around each person as required.

      Ian, being the oldest in the group decided to err on the side of caution and sat even further away, way down at the far end to enjoy his lunch with a bit of peace & solitude..

      Anyway, everyone thoroughly enjoyed the day (even with the social separation) and all had numerous flights.

      To start with Ian, he had his brand new Bixler 3, complete with new FPV camera & a new 400wm Video Transmitter. He had several flights and was taking off & landing under FPV, it sure makes a difference when your camera works as it should eh Ian.

      Here is some of his FPV footage recorded with my Quanum Diversity FPV/DVR goggles.

      Stephen fitted a larger prop to his Home Brew plane & it seemed to make a world of difference.

      I started off with a quick test flight of the Foxbat Ultralite, with all the windows reinstalled it flew better today but still needs a bit more weight in the nose. Had 3 short flights and got it back down in one piece each time so it is improving

      I also changed the prop on my Grand Tundra from its default 17 x 8 (for 4S battery) to the supplied 16 x 8 (for 6S battery) but still ran it on 4S. It was a tad slower & lost a little of its near vertical ability but sure reduced the drain on the battery, which was what I was hoping for.

      Chris had multiple flights with several different planes with only one mishap when a prop ground strike tore the motor loose in one of his beasts.

      Ross had the ever reliable Bix 3 getting a workout also with multiple flights in between his camera duties. I’m sure his video will follow soon.


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        I’m sure you will be out of isolation & back at it soon my little green mate.

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      MY COMPLEMENTS PREDATOR EXCELLENT VIDEO  I WAS VERY IMPRESSED BY BAD ANGELS FLYING TODAY just like he talks  smoooth and gentle  great flight  an Ian wow always great to watch an everyone who flew today it was a pleasure to watch thanks mike for the camera work just perfect

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      MIKE is it possible after a video clip just like the belly cam Iv just watched a space provided for comment on that one video  as I said I just watched and would like to have said my bit on the positioning of the cam etc which is amazing Im gunna do that like wow a new perspective  so effective well done

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        Yes you can Kermit, well sort of. To comment on any particular post use the Reply option in that post.

        The only way to comment on a particular video if there are several within one post is to view it on Youtube and comment on there (as our illustrious President often does)

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      My Take on our ducking for cover ‘Covid-19 Fly-day’ with the gang

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        Another great video compilation BA.


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          ohhhhh where did you go my lovely  ( song )  c’mon ya buggar your turn for those of us unable to play we need your contribution as the Clint Eastwood of movies  I an Mr Moose an others  need it want it  deserve it  so hurry up  haven got a life time to wait       2ic   kermit la frog Next president………. just sayin

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          IM WATCHING WITH great interest then nearly had a crappy moment  you buggar BA that big bang noise  flashes nearly had me in  the toilet  (poor ol leader if he watched it )  good fun as always  thanks for the vid even if  it did take longer than Spartacus to produce    ta

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      Here is my onboard drifter cam chasing Predator.



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        Nice bit of footage there Hoppy, I spotted some nice CLOSE UP shots of my Bix 2 in there as well.

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          Thanks for this Hoppy brought back memories of my para flying from Mt Mather years ago and other places  SO COOL  TA

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      A bit off topic but a couple of guys I know at Don Heads had the ABC out 2 days ago for some footage. If anyone here down south wants to come slope soaring let me know.




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        Nice, thanks for posting Hoppy.

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             a No wind day at seven mile beach

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          Way back when, in your younger days eh Kermit?

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      OHHHH YEA …… Notice No houses  Ians house to the right (  in the future )   THE airport only had tiger moths to fly passengers to the main land in those days  ………joke…..  they were  chipmunks

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      anyone …… wheres top guns video  I saw him in one of the pictures com ‘ n   UNCLE G  whats going on ?

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