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      The entries are in, the pond looks magnificent and we are ready to repel the Northern Raiders.

      Was at the Duck today to erect flags, put out the bouys and check for weed. There is so much water in the Dam at the moment it is starting to seep out the spillway! It just looks so much bigger.

      Thanks to everyone who has given their time and expertise to make this event even possible.

      Back three months ago it looked like an impossible task and I found myself asking, what have I got myself into this time?

      Now we are here and the hard work is behind us. Time to have some fun on our favourite patch of water. Best advice is stay out of trouble, avoid log jams and try to be as consistent as possible with your results. Nothing would please me more than to have one of our own with his name on the Peter Smith trophy. Preferably mine, but hey I can dream!

      Remember, check in is From 10.30 to 11am, briefing at 11.15 am with first race at 11.30am. Forecast looks to be light winds from an Easterly direction for most of the day. Set up your A+ rigs for light winds, no waves and give ‘em hell boys!!

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      Now we just need to hope the weather gods are kind.

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        Well, it’s 6.30am and raining 😕

        its all up from here!

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