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      Another perfect balmy morning for sailing boats at Lauderdale, again we had a good turnout of Marine Modellers, but again it was a sad sight up the other end.

      Kermit standing on the end of the jetty by himself for most of the morning, sailing his slimy green 95, luckily a couple of other “Bloaters” did manage to turn up latter to keep him company.

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      WELL I TELL YA  THE WHEEL CHAIR MOBS BOATS DONT GO AS FAST AS QUACKERS PADDLIN  unlike our sail boats that scream across the waves  an once again the leader of that mob has again tried to cause a mischief  implying that I’m the only one sailing  up at the sunny end  thank goodness for honest video reporting  “ducks get booked ” one has to ask where are all the  putt putts are  nowa days    Wheel chairs frozen in their racks /mass walk out of ambulance drivers / forgetting day /year /  forgot boat / forgot where to go…… the list is endless   to ty to explain the absence of  moveable floating things from that leaderless mob   please enjoy our delightful  pleasant days  sailing  video put out for your enjoyment and our pleasure

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        Having to video seagulls because of the lack of yachts is getting desperate.

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          Responding to name calling  from a wanna be  yachts sailor and captain of the wheel chair mob  is difficult for me as I’m more reserved and find no need to subject myself to the low level some have declined too never the less may I say that the essence of great video recording is the ability to see and apply novel and unusual sights  such as  seagulls splashing and frolicking in the water  to be added to an already brilliant video  that has  excitement  action  drama an just darn right superb video content unlike what’s his names  video effort   cool sailing …..cool sailing there was no cool sailing in his poultry effort  just a few boats going no faster than the ducks paddling  no direction no hint of action   THE only drama in the entire effort  was in film number 2214    a fly landed on the blue boat  as it was speeding as fast as the ducks  was that action?   ok  i give ya that one     Thank you Mr moose sir for you insight into the wanna be’s video effort  as for your non attendance today  you were sorely missed  my dear chap

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      Well done Kermit

      Don’t worry about that NASTY person from the other end I saw him making rude remakes on his very  poor video .

      It will take some time well into the future before  before he reaches the standard of MR KERMIT LA FROG photographer extronnaire

      Sorry the Moose could not attend he lost his fur coat to cold to come down in his wrinkled skin suit

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