RC AIRCRAFT FLYING Flying @ “The Field” Flying @ The Field 2021 Mask Day today @ the Field

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      Due to the COVIDIOT from NSW that jumped quarantine in Tas & forced the state into a 3 day lockdown, it was a mask day today (and at this stage till this Friday) down at the field.

      There were some minor fogging issues with some that wear glasses but overall the masks were no real impairment on our flying today.

      A 9:30 start was picked as the weather was predicted to turn nasty around midday but overall it was a very pleasant flying day for the group of 8 that attended.

      We flew a variety of planes and a gyro-copter (very briefly) till 11:45 then as the wind picked up, broke for our usual BBQ lunch. Wasn’t easy eating & drinking through a mask so we opted for social distancing over lunch instead.

      We then adjourned to Toad Hall to inspect & pick from a multitude of planes that Kermit had been asked by his Bro & a mate to dispose of.  Most need a little work but expect to see some new planes around the field in the not too distant future.

      I got to Maiden my recent Birthday Present from my dear wife, the Durafly Slow Poke, and she flew beautifully.

      I need to modify the wheels slightly to stop them sliding up the support wires, since I changed their angle of inclination to give a 50mm wider wheel track and a lower stance, but other than that no problem.

      Note: This is now fixed by adding Carbon Fibre tubes to the centre of the wheels. Originally the cheap & “orrible” wheels had no centre section for the axle to ride on, only the two outside skins of the wheel hub. Should be OK now.

      Contrary to what a lot of YouTube videos state the Slow Poke does fly super slow and there was no sign of tip stalling at all today. Very pleased with the maiden flight.

      Uncle G got to maiden his new FMS Ranger, he reckons it needs a bit of PID tuning in the AP but it flew well none the less.


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      I pranged my autogyro (flew too far away and got disorientated) and Tigermoth (sudden engine failure) so hope someone gets those bingles. Only one video from me from my Eagles and I went thru the smoke:

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      Looks great and not much fun masked up, here is something interesting..

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      And another:

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      Who is this BAD ANGEL person?

      Kermit, Your plane looked good today with the ribbons, but next week could you step it up a little bit more, like in this video.

      Green smoke and flames would be impressive!

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        NARH  sinker  I could do it to some degree I recon but it would have to be night time flying an I go nighty nights at 8.30

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      This weeks G.M.A goes to the person who captured such wonderful oops moments

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      Great to see everybody enjoying the day sorry I had to miss out . Should be there next time

      Kermit seeing the weather was great can I have my job back as the great weather GURU

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      DEAR MR MOOSE  its not for me to set out jobs  but if I could the answer it would be NO   your suitability for that job has expired  We now have a younger more adventurous  weather man who has shown outstanding weather forecasting abilities   so again NO   Gate opener   we have one of those   if I were to give out jobs  I think the one best suitable for your ability  would be sheep poo raker upper  I can ask around to see if that would be ok by the flight line gang……….  ok

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      SO the frog has finally got  the big one  the GOLDEN MOOSE AWARD   an all I had to do was give the mud encased flea  bitten over weight fur coat a birthday message This is gunna be easy to win from now on ……MR MOOSE  consider that job “sheep poo raker upper” yours

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        Congratulations Kermit, well deserved.

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      NOW IM WORRIED   the sinker saying congrats  to ME   I havent joined the fab two  ALL I did was post a picture saying happy birhday to the fur coat  an look what that did     I personally  thought that I  had to much fire smoke in the video  because of what the shaggey bow legged mud encrusted moose  said in my last attempt at the GMA………………just say’n

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      Dear Mr Kermit

      I hate to challenge any one on their statements BUT as President the absence of the President you have total control over all the storm troopers of The flying group

      Therefore  you are our supreme decision maker.

      I plead with you to reconsider your decision on sheep poo raker  and reinstate me to rightful position as Weather guru


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      YES your right MR MOOSE  why you dont want the position on offer  I cannot understand  BUT  as a careing acting leader  of the flight line gang  I think there is still hope for you in the field of weather forecasting  therefore  you may act as 2ic to the weather guru  HOPPY  until your predictions fail to an unaccepterional  level  ofcouse this offer is subject to approval  by our supreme leader   until then put your hoof in an have a go.     KERMIT LA FROG  2IC FIELD LINE GANG

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      Sorry I can’t accept those conditions I want the senior job or non at all

      guess Ill keep raking up sheep poop

      But my time will come

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        Look at this way Moose, there’s lots of sheep poop – job for life!

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      There is money to be made in sheep poo! I already have an assistant weather office, being Predator. On a different note I just signed up to the Australian Electric Flight Association. Free to join, see https://www.aefanet.com/

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      hadnt thought about that …….job for life  moose just go with the flow opps poops


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      I thought I had friends to fly with but

      I know I am not wanted I will start my own organisation with one member

      None of you lot will be allowed join

      Already designed a new emblem

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      From wikipedia ” Moose are solitary and do not live in families or herds.”

      There is no plural for Moose, its not Mooses. There is no need for a plural. But at least they dont suddenly change their sex like frogs do.


      As a headsup, Tuesday or Wednesday look OK wind wise with Wednesday being drier. I cant find the perpetual thread we had for this. Hope everyone is free those days…

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      NOW thats interesting  never knew that  I suppose thats why the MOOSE  is always on the outside its not that you lot dont love him its part of his make up  an to hell with comformity  mooses soung good then thats what its gunna be    hoppy what were you doing in the  wikipedia

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      I was on wikipedia researching why frogs change sex. Seems a spray of insecticide is all you need.

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