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      Well it is 1st May and there was a mayday when BA’s Swamp Dawg was flipped over by a sea eagle. Here is some brief drone footage but nothing of the swamp dawg in question.



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      Nice bit of footage from the MiniQuad.

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        WELL if an osca for a video was to be given then this one would get it  so good to see an aerial video so well edited  great music  perfect story line  pleasure to watch thanks hoppy

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      From the other end


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        Nice… uncle g   question …was it you that sunk BIGGUS  D….S  swamp puppy   questions are being asked have you returned to the dark side again………..just say’n  I watched bad angels video again and thought the end was the end  but wait there’s more interesting under water scenes riggo must have just missed UNCLE G ‘s  attack on biggus d….s  swampy  nice UNDERWATER  shots though

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        That’s NOT BattleAxe Mr Frog, that is Wedgie !! . BattleAxe is a 10R, Wedgie is an IOM. Get it right man, get it right !!

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          Now here’s the thing I produced my video with out looking at the videos  as I didn’t know the type of boat or name  I went with one I knew  when I got home I went straight to editing  and thus used the name I knew  now battle axe is afar more impressive name than a WEDGIE   so who would you want to see on the water a pair of pulled up nickers wearing a wegie  or a BATTLE AXE  OHH  now if its a woman perhaps a Karren with a wedgie that would make a difference you would have a battle axe and a wedgie ………. here’s a thought UNCLE G with a wedgie   SOOO as to getting it right …narh I’m happy  thinking of UNCLE G  in his pulled up knickers

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        well pred that was most enjoyable…. video from the boat is far more exciting  than the land

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      PERSONAL NOTE  We are so fortunate to have so many excellent  video people filming our exploits on the water and in the air and the quality is superb  for those  that don’t post we thank you  with out you lot doing your thing  the events would soon be forgotten and we would be the lesser for it  …so ta     ……………just say’n

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