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      “Median Over”???

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        emmmmm how did that happen

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      What happened to the birthday cake Kermit?

      My video from today,

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        You didn’t get a piece?

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          Neither did I, you kept your little birthday bash very quiet & low key.

          75 is a momentous occasion & it only happens once in a lifetime.

          Regardless, it was another nice flying day enjoyed by everyone & another fine BBQ hosted by the frog.

          My videos are a bit late this week, that is the only problem with flying on Fridays.

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      Great videos once again by everyone and thank you Kermit for the cake. Didn’t you share it with every one else?


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      DEAR ME MR PREDATOR SIR. don’t you remember having a big slice of the cake you even said and I quote I really shouldn’t but…….. now you remember don’t you  gadget even offered to remove the cream from your smiling kisser   now then tech pod nice video  easy to watch  nice an slow ..good one

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