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      What started out as a rather windy & decidedly chilly morning @ the field turned rather quickly around 11:00am and we got full sun & almost no wind for the rest of our mid week fly-in.

      Good attendance again today for so late in Autumn with 6 attendees, Mike, Kermit, Gerald, Andrew, Ron and Stephen and a cameo appearance by Scott (came without his planes today, just to say hello).

      Kermit had the worst mishap for the day, he had been having power issues with the SkySurfer & when it finally crash landed it turned out the prop was on in reverse (again). Some people & frogs never learn, others do it just for the hell of it. As usual he also managed to hit the goalposts with (I think) the Bix 3, but no damage this time, well not much. I’m sure they will all be flying again next time we make it to the Field.

      I managed to clip one of the fences with my AR Wing but no damage & it went on to fly several more missions. I did have a vibration issue (bent motor shaft ?) with the BumbleBee & this eventually shook the motor mount loose and effectively grounded the Bee for the rest of the day. I did try recovering from several (purposeful) tipstalls & disengaging the iNav AutoPilot is definitely the way to go and allows for almost instant recovery from the spin. I was hoping for some good onboard video to show it but the motor vibration ruined almost all the onboard video. Oh well always next time.

      Andrew flew his 3D printed Spitfire (hard to keep under focus with its all white colour scheme), he also flew a couple of his other planes (I’ll update when I edit the video).

      Gerald had his Eyas Eagle, Big Cub & his 3D printed mini Cub up and about along with Ron with his 3D printed Zero & his Spitfire.

      Stephen had (as usual) his Red Devil & his Sport 40 up and about.

      Along with the BumbleBee & the AR wing I also took the Pulse XT25e out for a couple of spins along with the tiny XK A800 micro that I finally got around to replacing the faulty 2gm micro servo in.


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        Another great video Mr Kermit & another good BBQ to boot!!

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        I have to agree with Mike, another top video Kermit.

        You did a great job of following that wing of Mike’s ………………………………………..Just sayn.

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          Yes Gerald, the Frog is getting quite adept with his HandiCam these days.

          As for our discussion yesterday re the iNav system & flaps. Unfortunately whilst it sounded good it theory it wouldn’t work (for me) in practice as I use two servo outputs for separate left & right aileron controls plus one for the rudder & one for the elevator.

          I could have used a Y cable and combined the ailerons on one channel but that only gave one extra output and unfortunately the Bix 2 needs two channels for flaps (one reversed) or a servo signal changer to reverse one of the servos. In the end it was easier just to use the bigger receiver which has SBus & PWM outputs as well as the SmartPort for telemetry.

          All sorted now so just need to install it all back in the Bix 2 Sport & she is ready to soar.

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