RC AIRCRAFT FLYING Flying @ “The Field” Flying @ the Field 2023 Mid Week Fly-In on a very windy day

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      Today was pleasantly mild (19 degrees) and dry but boy oh boy was it windy.

      There was a good turn-up today with all the regulars except for Stephen (Seaside Mitch) who (according to Kermit – who is never wrong) apparently had not built up enough browny points this week to be able to fly with his mates.

      Everyone except Phil (Fab), who is still only a newby to flying, flew today despite of the wind & most flew multiple planes. The strong & gusty winds kept up for most of the day but did at least abate slightly whilst we were enjoying our customary BBQ lunch break.

      I used up 5 of my 6 batteries that I had today with three flights of the refurbished Bix 2 Sport, one with the AR Wing & one with the Li’l Eagle Biplane.

      Kermit (as usual) had some minor issues with his Sky Surfer & his FunCub but did at least manage a couple of good flights with his little Razor.

      Andrew flew his homebrew foamboard Spitfire, Ron flew his 3D printed Zero & his Tundra, Gerald flew his Eyas Eagle but I’m not sure what else.

      All in  all another great day of flying & mateship way down south in Southern Tassie.




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      Hi Mike,

      You summed up the day very accuratly 🙂

      The website where I bought the CA and Kicker is https://www.rcmodelaircraft.com.au/

      The first CA that I bought was the large bottle but as I mentioned, I found the nozzle clogged after about half way through but that might have been me not cleaning it correctly after use.


      So I have started buying the smaller ones in the hope of not having any wastage but I am very particular to cleaning the nozzle now.


      This is the brand of kicker however when I purchased it, it came in a pump spray bottle. That doesn’t seem to be on the site anymore.




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        Thanks Ron, I ordered some CA & kicker today. The pump spray pack (and refill) are still available but they don’t always come up in the site search.

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      IF ONLY MR seaside mitch was with us today it woulda been just peachy  BUT  stephen wasn’t to be seen now I’m not one to spread rumors  but the sinker did say I think that perhaps the boy hadn’t accumulated enough brownie points to be allowed out I PERSONALLY disagree  because its been a week since his last outing with us  so surely  in a week he woulda got enough points even just till lunch time ⌚ so I rcon he’s in hospital perhaps …….get well soon cobber    I didn’t get much air craft video because I spent too much time flying an not enough filming and UNCLE G  said that I should cut the video time in half ……hence no bloopers  I did as he requested  that’s just the sort of fella I am  out to please my friends ………just sayn

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      I am impressed with the bravery of you all flying in so much wind.

      My absence wasn’t due to a lack of brownie points nor to being detained in hospital.

      I was required to help the Virgin pilots fly in the windy conditions. There was only one runway open at Melbourne airport because of the strong northerly and the Adelaide landing was a full on cross wind landing. I had to use all my telepathic skills to keep the plane on the runway, but we got there OK.

      I don’t know when we will be coming back as we don’t have a booking, but when needed we will return home 😊

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      happy to hear that your ok stephen dear boy  I shall inform the sinker as to your where abouts so the rumors should cease  Sooo where are you and mrs seaside  off to now  Not catching a boat with bad angel I trust ……………….just sayn

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      Well now that Monsieur Frog has halted the rumour mill I can tell you all the we’re in Adelaide helping our son get the house ready to rent/sell because our favourite -in-law has a new job helping to sort out the Brisbane Forensic Laboratory.

      It’s raining cats and dogs here so maybe you can expect to get a bit over there.

      Fly safe fellas

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      We have our first super typhoon for the season heading our way for next week with 260kmh winds but in Subic we will just get the rain and waves. There are some great videos on youtube of Joe Nall 2023 fly in in USA. In particular I like this 1 to 1 scale plane and think the pilot looks like Gadget Ron!


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        You are right Hoppy, definitely looks like Gadget (or his long lost twin brother). Would have loved to have seen it flying.

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          Wow that sounds like a little bit of wind. You might need lead boots to stop you being blown away 🤞

          Stay safe 🙏

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      Thanks Hoppy,

      It looks like i was a bit tired when that video was filmed.

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      I found a brief flying video but looks like CG too aft so only a short hop.


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