RC AIRCRAFT FLYING Flying @ “The Field” Flying @ the Field 2022 Mid week Fly In @ the Field 20-07-2022

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      With my weather picking Mojo a bit out of whack of late I left the Flying day pick up to someone else for the past couple of weeks.

      Stephen stepped up to the plate and picked an almost perfect day today for our Mid Week fly in.

      Practically no wind & full sunshine had the 9 degree day feeling much warmer and all those in attendance (five) enjoyed the day.

      I removed the “Servo Auto Trim” function from the iNav controllers in the “BumbleBee”, AR Wing & the Excalibur V2. They definitely controlled far better without it. Servo Auto Trim has now been reassigned to a switch (as per the older firmware) so can still be used if required, it’s far better than it running all the time which seems to cause more problems than it solves

      No great dramas today as Kermit was having a day @ his shack, but I did manage to break a prop on the Excalibur V2 when trying to take off slow rather than the usual “Rocket Ship” launch. You know what I’ll be doing in the future. I’m sure others will have their spin on the day that will differ from mine !!

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      I flew from another resort this week and found a pond there suitable for boating complete with retrieval dinghy. Its also next door to the local Cockpit that is open every Tuesday.

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        G’day Chris, the Duck Pond looks a bit tight for flying, especially with all the trees around, the rice paddies look OK though.

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      Another great set of video’s Mike, you are bound to win this week’s GMA!

      Good pick on the weather by Stephen.

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        There has been an administrative decision that there will be no GMA this week as all videos posted are by one pilot and it’s no fun winning by default.


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      WELL I JUST GOT HOME  6.30  BUT I WAS IMPRESSED WITH  HOPPYCHOW MEINS VIDEO   SO  HOPPYCHOW  YOU WOULDA GOT MY VOTE  opps caps on  so i guess dear ol UNCLE G was out  classed by clints video so he didnt want to play  is that right ?    very honerable decision to void the votes  clint predator  …………………………….just say’n

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        No, we didn’t have our green entertainment office in attendance, even his quite well behaved stand-in didn’t show this week, so it would have been a bit boring.

        No use duplicating the great work of Clint!  …………………………….just say’n

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      WELL MR SINKER  I assume that your fear of clints prowess with the video camera has unhinged your confidence with your camera  WELL dear friend TOP GUN FLIGHT SCHOOL   ( VIDEO SECTION )  has a class startng next week  shall I include you in it   (discounts for scaredy cats  )…. you qualify  so No  door fees  Normal charges apply

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