RC AIRCRAFT FLYING Flying @ “The Field” Flying @ the Field 2022 Mid week Fly In @ the Field 22-06-2022

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      Today was another out of the bag, no wind, no rain and although the temp was only 9 degrees, the sun was shining & by midday it was tee shirt weather.

      Today was probably the only fly we will get for another week as the forecast says the rain is returning tomorrow (Thursday) and is predicted for every day up till next Tuesday at the least.

      Another good turn up today with Gerald, Ron, Andrew, Ian & myself. Poor old Kermit had a visit to the dentist so he lucked out.

      We got the programming sorted on Ian’s Trainstar auto pilot finally so he will be back in the air next fly day for sure. Everyone else flew multiple planes, Andrew got to finally fly his Decron Spitfire and she flew well (and fast). Gerald & Ron played with the Float Planes for a little while between other flights.

      I got rid of the clear camera dome on the Tech Pod and today tried out a 3D printed nose cone with a cut out for the camera lens. I think the resultant video speaks for itself.

      As mentioned previously there was no wind today which made landing of some of the planes a bit hit & miss.

      I was attempting to land the Excalibur V2 (which comes in very fast with no head wind) when Andrew strayed onto the landing strip. I managed to turn enough to miss him but caught a wing on the ground and cartwheeled, resulting in a cracked wing and fuselage. A real bummer as its the first mishap with the till then pristine V2. Luckily spares are available if I cant repair it but hopefully its not as bad as it looks.

      With no Kermit to provide the BBQ today we had to fend for ourselves (but we still BBQ’d and no one went hungry)


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      Wow! That video quality is excellent Mike.

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        Yes Ron, after many attempts & modifications I am now happy with the video quality & I even did it at 50fps so it wouldn’t stutter for Hoppy !!.

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      So were pampering to a foreigner now whats his name hopeychow min  fair crack of the whip there predator  if voting for the GMA is to applied its a bit early to cast a love you message to hopeychow  Im watin for the dark horse  UNCLE  G   to toddle in

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        You may be out of luck today Kermit as I don’t think Gerald got any video at all today so I guess no GMA with only one entrant even though I will have 3 entries eventually.

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          No Mike, You can still win the GMA, my epic video is on the way. Whirling around in YouTube at the moment.

          The video from the TechPod looked great, Imagine what it will be like in 4k. (Excuse for the new computer)

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            well there ya go its not often that I agree with the sinker but predator the video from the aircraft was nice an sharp  I didnt know it wasnt in 4k  sooo whos got a new computer ?

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              Read it again Kermit! – “excuse for a new computer.”

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      Here is my entry for the GMA.

      Sorry it’s a bit long and boring, but we didn’t have our green entertainment officer in attendance today to provide the crashes.

      But at least it’s in 4K

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      Ok, looks like all the videos are now posted so the voting page is open for 48 hours.

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      Looks like a nice day for a fly. The Techpod video looks great at last. Also I like that Andrew’s Spitfire is flying nice at last. And I think Ron has the first tiperon plane at the field and it seemed to fly nicely. I have cast my vote but also I have my own video from 2 days ago with some drone footage at a nearby beach in 36 degrees midday heat.



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        Very nice Chris, I’ve added your entry to the voting page, cant have our one and only foreign correspondent missing out on a chance for the weekly GMA.

        It was another great day for flying today @ the field. From tomorrow we are in for another week of rain (again) so it may be a while before we are out again.

        Andrew’s foamboard Spitfire flew perfectly today, its got a bit more power than the one Ron built so flies a lot faster but both of them appear to fly very well.

        Ron has a new model under construction at present so it should be flying by the next time we head out.

        I’m pretty happy with the current camera setup in the Tech Pod (finally) so now I can move on to installing the down facing camera and then the FPV gear.

        The bits I had on order from the Radio Sailing Shop turned up for my A Class Wizzle Wozzle RC yacht today so with a bit of luck I’ll finally get it finished over this next wet week.

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      Well my right eye is working very well, even saw ONE sea eagle up high above Clifton Beach on Wednesday when Andrew was looking for thermals – they were down here!

      I could feel the warmth in Hoppy’s video and it was tempting to go for the hot vote but in the end it had to be Mr G for me vote.

      Driving allowed tomorrow!😁

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        Glad you are on the mend. Should be perfect by the time we fly again.

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          YES DEAR OL ONE EYE  its good to give the sinker a vote makes ya feel good doesnt it  thats two hes got I also felt the need to support the ol thing  he does try………” an he is trying” ………….did ya get that one

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      Ah, Monsieur Frog, your generosity knows no bounds 😉

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      This weeks results.

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      Congratulations Mike.

      Well deserved.

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      Well done Mike, great set of video’s

      (And you didn’t have to bribe anyone to win!)

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      Thanks all, it just seems that the viewers like to see grown men playing with toys in the water !!

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      my gosh  the clint eastwood has done it again  well done mr eastwood predator sir

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      Congratulations Mr P. Looks like you were a run away winner!

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      I finally got my next Spitfire built and it’s ready for the next fly day.

      I call it the Frankestein Cardboard Beer Carton Spitfire.

      It’s the 800mm version of the Spitfire.

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        Well it’s certainly very colourful.  With a bit of luck Monday or Tuesday may be OK for a fly.

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