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      Four top quality pilots turned up today for a mid week fly, the weather was perfect as predicted by the Moose.

      I had a couple of small problems today. Lost the elevator in my Ranger 2400, and had to make an emergency landing. Only damage was one of the wing clips broke.

      Next I tried to fly though a fence with my Esky Eyas. again not much damage, just a small piece out of one wing.

      Moose also had a couple of mishaps, but nothing that a bit of glue won’t fix.

      And Kermit did one too many hard landings in his Fun Cub and the front fell off.

      Here is a little video from today,

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      Nice one Gerald, glad someone was there to keep the others on their toes.

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      THE CITERIA FOR THE WALK OF SHAME  IS A CRASH PRANG BINGLE OPPS  I DID NOT DO any of these things  sorry about caps on  so I do not deserve the call UNCLE G  gave me  however in my video it is plain for every one to see THE WALKOF SHAME WAS DESERVED by the tossa SORRY ……….UNCLE G AND HIS COHORT  the fur coat  who also did the TODDLE OF SHAME   both shoulda gone to TOP GUN REFRESHER COARSE    (first stage )   lets all hope they enroll before we fly again  pensioner discount are available for  fur coats……….. junior discounts for   x students  like UNCLE G  ON APPLICATION .

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      Sorry to say . But very average no G.M.A will be awarded

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      WHATTT  WHATTT  Didnt I give you top billing……………  UNCLE G   did an he got the gong…  not fair …. was it something I may have written  ………….unlikely  I know…….. was there to much sky  TO MANY PRANGS   Narh  they were mostly yours  I just cant figure it out ……………………….. grumpy ol fur coat

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        I thought that you had it in the bag with such a great video Kermit. You had my vote.

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      Well ta for that UNCLE G   I think the mud encrusted fur knotted  MR Moose might have got offended with  the title of  “wobble of shame ” instead of  WALK OF SHAME   but he does WOBBLE  an stumble an sometimes a bit of flatulence  tossed in   so do I  falsify the story  just to get the PRIZED GOLDEN MOOSE AWARD  ?

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      What’s even more disappointing is the failure to give well deserved and appropriate recognition to the trainee cinematographer who managed to capture the droopy nose incident and the sheep visitation.😥😥😥

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      YES   dear boy an over sight I shall acknowledge now for the tossa  opps UNCLE  G   DID A BRILLIANT EFFORT  in capturing the days happenings and for the scraggy bow legged fur coat not to at least acknowledge this is a blow to UNCLE G’s fragile disposition  for the boy puts his heart and sole into his videos an for MR Moose to say VERY AVERAGE   is disappointing I can only think that on the night he missed his meds an had a brain snap……. OR dare I say it……  he doesnt like my dear friend  dear friend   UNCLE G

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      Ah, I feel much better now.

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      Im glad I have righted the wrong for you   for the boy is a craftsman a fine example of a true cinematographer unlike the perpetrator of the award  we all so richly strive to obtain

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      What’s this, pick on Mr Moose week?

      I can see that next flying day I will need to attend with camera in hand & a civil tongue in my head and take out yet another GMA !!

      All my planes are ready to fly again after a couple of minor (very minor) errors on my part last flying day, just need another fair sort of day.

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        The Moose did a wonderful job on Wednesday, Weather forecaster, Chief gate opener, communications officer (sent the text message), Took on the President’s role.

        He also gave us some flying lessons. (on how to crash) and I took all this knowledge on board and crashed twice myself. (fast learner)

        Both planes are ready to go again, and looking forward to when the Moose declares another flying day.

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        arhhhh yep the MR  Moose did in fact serve us very well in his position of president  his gate opening skills are world renown  as is his skill in weather forecasting  I wont elaborate on his flying skills as UNCLE G has descibed that perfectly  the only problem is the award ie GMA is a much sort after title and not to bestow it is against the rules  section 2  para   19  of the golden moose award 2020  second edition  even the fur coat has to abide by certain rules just ask his good lady  as for predators vailed threat to take the GMA  we UNCLE G an I kermit la frog  say ……….bring it on

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      I like the droop nose fun cub, just like the Concord. I havent been able to fly my drone from my apartment or boat as too close to a small airport and DJI wont ley me take off.

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      That’s no good Chris. Hope you don’t have to go too far to get a fly.

      Was you boat OK when you arrived?

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        I will put in a new thread an update soon.

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