RC AIRCRAFT FLYING Flying @ “The Field” Flying @ The Field 2021 Midweek Fly-In 10th February 2021

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      Another good day for most with eight pilots in attendance.

      It was sunny with a light northerly wind for most of the morning turning to north-easterly around lunch time.

      Kermit showed us why he is the chief instructor of the famous “Top Gun Flight School” giving us a master class in take-offs and landings.

      President Ian didn’t have such a good day when a wing on Big Bird fell off, and Ian (Moose) also dived into the ground in his recently repaired Tundra.

      Around the field today.


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      I agree. Kermit did a fine job keeping all the ducklings safe until the eagle took out the president and moose in one big swoop. Sunday is looking like a next nice flying day and now I’ve got 2 biplanes to fly.

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      All I’ve got to add, no cameras on the Bumblebee today but a good 30 minute flight after lunch none the less.

      As for Moose’s Tundra, she was flying perfectly and looking great after Moose’s expert repairs then Kermit’s Eagle took a liking to it and drove in in to the ground at a great rate of knots.


      Crash Scene investigation photographs

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      Thank you CSI predator I was fortunate to see it all happen that evil eagle reached maximin speed in his dive an just did what he has done to me  on numinous times   he’s sooo fast cameras cant see him as he’s a blurrr on film BUT TRUST ME EVERY ONE HE’S REAL  I did manage to get him on video after he attacked  flying away which is typical of the beast

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      Nice stuff there troops, Kermit your freakin Eagle has to go…. just say’n

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      Next time we meet I want to discuss uncle G sneaking around the back of my car and throwing HIS rubish into it then taking pics blaming me for collecting rubish

      Dont deny this Gerald as it is on video Ask Kermit

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        its a poor state of affairs when this sort of things happen ay Mr moose   I would like to think that he thought it was his car he was putting the  rubbish bags into   BUT THEN  he did try to sink that small putt boat from the wheel chair mob an then try the same on me   I’m for an official reprimand from our beloved president    what say you

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        Sorry Moose, but Kermit made me do it!

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      THIS IS A FAKE ME  …MISINFORMATION .. I WISH TO BECOME AN administrator   so’s to censor such   a travesty of mis information  how can some one make false comments  falsify part truths  I’m as straight as an arrow  truth is my trade mark

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      Nu fak nuews ere froggo all troofs

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        love it when you sepk nu zeelund lingo

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          I am Gunning  for some one Hey kermit And Gerald

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          Narh  I cant go a gunnin with ya Mr Moose not sure about uncle g  he may go with ya

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          Yez sow doo eye,how a boat sum fusch un chups sea nut loost da excent yet

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      Geeeze  bad angel all I got from your post was fusch an chups  (translation ) fish and chips   I understand you better when you actually speak nu selundish  ….just sayin

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