RC AIRCRAFT FLYING Flying @ “The Field” Flying @ The Field 2021 Midweek Fly-In 17th March 2021

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      The Moose picked another great day for flying today, it was a tad windier than normal but it didn’t put anyone off flying.

      From memory there were 8 pilots in attendance today

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      My only videos are from my new #32 keychain cam on diff planes. I have a spec of dirt on the lens which I need to clean off. Here is the footage from my XK X450 VTOL plane with new metal gear motor tilt servos:


      And here is my AXN including some chase footage but it goes too fast to be a chase plane:



      Here is one of my brief bungee flights with the Albatross reject shop glider:



      And last footage from me for the day is the faithfull Drifter with some rolls and inverted flight.



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