RC AIRCRAFT FLYING Flying @ “The Field” Flying @ The Field 2021 Midweek Fly-In 20th January 2021

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      Almost wind free day @ The Field today

      8 Pilots in attendance so a very good turn up.

      Bad Angel had some problems & ended up destroying his Eyas (yet again), Kermit & Ian had a couple of easily repairable minor issues & I managed to knock the elevator off the ASW 28 when attempting a cross wind launch. Luckily its only a plastic bracket that let go, easy to 3D print a new one.

      Chris, Andrew, Moose & Gerald all flew without incident today.

      Usual lunch time BBQ hosted by Kermit in his new humpy “Kamp Kermit”.

      thats all folks

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      It was a nice day and best thermal day for gliding I have experienced at Sandford. No cameras on my ASW28 but would have been boring as was circling most of the time. Instead here is a brief clip from my clipped wing Cloud AXN using an old Foxeer Legend One camera. nb Saturday looks like another good flying morning if Kermit is keen to arrange…

      and I refocused the camera on my Eagles so I think its a bit better. Still set to 2.7k/60FPS.



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        Is that still the same old AXN you used to fly @ Elderslie?, it just looks a lot less beat up than I remember. Certainly flies nice with the clipped wings.

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      Nice camera angle, can you do a pic of the mounting and was it 3D printed?

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      The mount is 5mm CF tube with a 3D printed plate for the camera (velcro camera attachment) and another 3D printed plate to hold it all square on the wing

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        Mike, loved the new camera angle!

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      real cool angle  verrrrrrry interesting

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      Here is my video of President Ian’s plane flying.

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        Thanks Uncle G, another fine production.

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      Love the ASW 28 camera angle Mike

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        Thanks Ricky, always hard to come up with something different, not too bad for first attempt at a “Ghost Cam”.

        Off to the West Coast for a few days camping on Friday and in the interest of something different I’ve enabled “Sport Mode” (65kph +) on the Mavic Pro Platinum.

        For something different I’ll try a couple of Hi Speed runs up & down the Henty River. Should be interesting. Perhaps a Hi Speed run along the West Coast surf break as well.

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      Nice videos everyone ! Thank you, Gerald for that fine coverage of the Big Bird…..I can study what needs to be done,,,,still tail heavy , I think.

      Unusual view of the ASW; good job, Mike!

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        Thanks Ian, another Fun Day by all, except perhaps the Bad Angel who did have a bit of bad luck with his Eyas

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        Could well be Mr Frog, could well be.!!

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      Yes, very nice camera angle Predator.

      It looks like the cows were coming over for the BBQ in some of the footage. Either that or you have a group of very large spectators!

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        Yes Ron, the cows came a visiting almost as soon as we got there, they eventually wandered off but returned at lunch time, no doubt could smell the cooking.

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      My bit:

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        Well, what can I say !!

        The poor little Eyas does look a bit worse for wear doesn’t it, but I’m sure a bit of Hot Glue will have it airborne again soon to give the resident eagle a bit more fun.

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      Welll that was interesting  a lot done on one half day  the eagle was on site most of the morning so it was inevitable  that the monster would get some one   but a little crystal clear  will get it together  in no time  its something we will have to accept on this new field   a lot of brilliant videos for us all to enjoy an relive  On behalf of our most holy gracious president  we thank the recorders of our endeavours in taking  the  videos to the world  AN to the arm chair flyers    ps  NICE INTRO  who was that James bond look alike

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      That video cant be from BA as it has music in it, at least in the intro. Yet Predators drone footage is silent. Drone movies always need music. Silent movies disappeared in the Twenties.

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