RC AIRCRAFT FLYING Flying @ “The Field” Flying @ The Field 2021 Midweek Fly-In 7th April 2021

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      Well our resident Weather Guru “Mr Moose esq.” picked another magnificent day for flying @ the field today

      Only a small group today, Moose, Gerald, Stephen, Andrew & myself.

      It’s a pity Moose didn’t do as well with his planes as he did with the weather, first his recently rebuilt Razor failed in flight, then there was a problem with his Ranger 1600 with a loose lead on the Rx and then to add insult to injury his Mini Warbird decided to fly off into the never never. We have a fair idea where it went down but being so small we had no luck finding it.

      Everyone else’s flying went off without a hitch so I guess that is some consolation.

      Had a couple of long flights with the ASW 28 “Gooney Bird” today and got some video from one flight (forgot to install the recording camera for the first flight).

      I think Uncle G got some video around the field today as well.

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      Nice smooth flying.

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        Yes, I must admit Moose picked a perfect day, it was indeed very smooth up there.

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      Well done on the weather Moose, pity about your planes.

      As Kermit was missing today, I had to get my camera out of the bag, here is a short video from around the field.

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      WELL DONE  flight line gang  top videos  good work on the weather front MR Moose  “another triumph ”   I gota spare tube of crystal clear if you need it  dear  boy  I guess our beloved MR PRESIDENT missed the call too  so I don’t feel to bad  but I didn’t waste  the day  the dragon an I were at eastlands when I got the call “why am I not flying  ”  message  oopps  back home at 2    I got stuck into repair and recharged the battery’s      lookin pretty good now  SORRYYYYYY

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      From the great weather god WHERE IS KERMIT I miss the little green thing

      As for the Videos great job men But I think Kermit’s would have been better

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      GEEEZE an I didn’t have to pay MR MOOOSE   this week either….. a few more like this an  a coup could be in order….PRESIDENT   KERMIT   its got a sort of regal sound to it

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