RC AIRCRAFT FLYING Flying @ “The Field” Flying @ the Field 2022 Midweek Fly-In @ the Field

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      As has been happening a fair bit lately, our weather guru Mr Moose esq. worked his magic yet again & picked us another perfect fly day.

      When the action got under way around 10:00am the sun was shining (although still slightly chilly) and the wind was non existent. A perfect day for Kermit to maiden his “Big Whitie” (his name not mine)


      and his Wilga -“Blue Boy”

      Needless to say, with Kermit in the pilot seat, both maidens went off without a hitch.

      Other than that there was a good roll-call today with Andrew & Stephen joining the usual players of Moose, Gerald, Kermit & myself.

      I had one less than perfect landing with the Stearman biplane (and knocked the wheels off-again) but other than that the day was incident free with everyone enjoying multiple flights all morning till the wind started to pick up around noon as we were enjoying the usual BBQ lunch.

      A couple more flights in the wind after lunch & it was time to pack up for the day.

      In the words of Porky Pig “That’s All Folks”


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        Very nice Mr Frog, nice tight editing. Definitely in the running for GMA.

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        And in record time, Moose can have an early night.

        Well done, I enjoyed that.

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      Well done on the weather Moose.

      Here is my effort from today in,

      Even managed to include some soft focus like Kermit taught me.



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        Great stuff, thanks Gerald.

        Mr Moose will have his work cut out for him this week picking the GMA recipient.

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      THANK YOU ALL for the effort /support in making these maidens happy and me Thanks to pred for the electronics stuff  uncle g for his fantastic video of the flights  and to the rest for the comments during the flights and after  much appreciated  AND for barbara  the sheep who kept on eye on me during the flying

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      after careful  consideration I have made my decision

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        Thank you Moose! I am honoured to win the prestigious GMA.

        But I must thank Kermit for making it possible, without his flying skills and video editing lessons I could have never have done it.

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      Thank you all for brilliaant videos  … missed this one, but now have two Trainstars, one the Jetstar, which really screams on the 4S power…. next time!

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        Sounds like you have been busy Ian, looks like a couple more maiden flights could well be in order next trip to the Field !!

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      Yes, Mike…If we can fit another fly before this gorgeous weather disappears!

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      A worthy recipient for the GOLDEN MOOSE AWARD indeed   IT  just goes to show that  a first class  studient from the TOP GUN FLIGHT SCHOOL and TGFS  VIDEO  section   can achieve the famous GMA title with a little help from the experts

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