RC AIRCRAFT FLYING Flying @ “The Field” Flying @ The Field 2021 Monday 28th June 2021 at the Field


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      10 of us turned up for a perfect day with warmth and hardly any wind. Unfortunately Moose and Andrew had a mid air with carnage. I had my first FPV with my S800 wing and went straight around some trees. Inevitably the first time ended with a tree strike, but second flight was OK until my prop chopped off my 2 FRSky antennas causing range control issues. But I got it back OK.



      And for my Le Petit biplane, BA asked me to remove the pilot so we are expecting some exciting video editing from him:



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      Nice flying Hoppy. I really love the FPV of the take off on your bungy launch 🙂

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      Another perfect day organised by the weather god “Moose”, well done!

      From the Drift,

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      Yes sure was another perfect day in Paradise, teeshirts were a change to the windcheaters we have been wearing of late.

      Tested the rebuilt Bix 2, she will be good for a few more training sessions yet (turned out there was a broken tooth on the elevator servo that has most likely been giving all the grief.

      Flew the iNav equipped BumbleBee and this time used a decent flight battery, no issues at all.

      Also extensively tested the (now iNav equipped) Raptor FPV platform. This time (after I adjusted the couple of settings I forgot last week) she performed flawlessly. Will get the new low profile camera gimbal & FPV VTX refitted now ready for our next fly.

      I forgot the handicam footage.

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        Well done Kermit, the first major mid air prang and you actually got it all on video.

        All the best for Wednesday my widdle green friend.

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          Thanks for the memories

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        Enjoyed that, Nice work Kermit!

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      My bit…Take 2

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        Do I Believe, Yes I believe that BA has got way too much spare time on his hands!!

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      DO YOU BELIEVE    ………………AFTER THIS  DEFINTELY YES ………….  they took hoppy the  bars…ds  geeezes his missus is gunna be mad

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      Very good videos here chaps. You have all really outdone yourselves. The bar has been raised very high to beat this lot.  🙂

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        yes Ron but …….do you believe

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      I’m convinced 🛸♓⛎☦☮♏♐🔯🕎♍🚀🛸👽🧟‍♂️

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      mmm it will get better

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        Why are you publishing in 720? 1080 is much sharper.

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      piss poor acting I’m gunna stick behind the camera in future

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      the director never ever blames the actors ……now if you pay em

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      Well done all cameramen and pilot……Great show!

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