RC AIRCRAFT BUILDS Electric Powered Moose’s Cessna 182

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      Our good mate Mr Moose has recently purchased himself a new plane and has asked me to lend a hand setting it up ready to fly.

      The kit is a PNP Dynam Sky Trainer (aka Cessna 182) and the pic on the box looks impressive


      It’s only when you open the box you realise just how big this puppy is.

      The fuselage would be equally as large as the Tundra and with the wings set in place the size starts to show.

      The plane has functioning Flaps, steerable nose wheel & full navigation & landing lights.

      Step 1, install the front wheel assembly & tighten with hex driver. Sounds simple & it would have been if they had not pre installed the windscreen or if the hex key they supplied was twice as long.  I finally managed to find one of my old very long hex keys & the front wheel assembly is now installed.

      Silly me, now that (as with most chinglish instructions) I’ve realised you don’t take anything literally, the assembly is going much smoother.

      It seems that most (if not all) important steps have been missed from the instructions.

      Important things like “apply adhesive” rather than just pushing the control horns into the foam & hoping they stay there. Or remove belly hatch (held with very strong magnets) to allow access for installing front wheel, all those silly unimportant things.

      Anyway, the assembly is now going well.

      All wheels are on (easy after you remove the landing gear cover-another missed step) as is the tail & elevator.

      Just need to remount the ESC as the supplied & fitted double sided tape wont hold, then the engine cowling can go on.

      The next instruction is to install the prop, I think I’ll leave that step until everything else is finished, wired up and tested.

      Well not too bad to assemble in the end.

      The Cessna 182 is all together, radio has been programmed & installed, all control surface throws set & the lights tested.

      All that’s left to do now is install Moose’s FY-41AP Lite autopilot, then tidy up the wiring & install the stickers but that can all wait till tomorrow.

      By the way Mr Moose your Taranis is talking to my PC just fine so it looks like a bug with your USB port (or a faulty cable)


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      Great Job Mike

      Did’nt know about landing lights Just wanted somethin simple to fly

      I will have to look into my pc and see what is going on

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      Looking forward to Wednesday to see it in the air!

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      FY-41AP Lite Stabiliser installed & tested today, stickers put on and the new Cessna 182 is ready to take to the skies.

      I left the radio antennae off the top of the wing as you need to invert the plane to install the battery.  With the recommended 3S 2200 LiPo installed in the battery holder the CG is almost spot on, perhaps just a tad nose heavy but not much. Seems to have plenty of grunt with the 3 blade prop.

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      Nice job. Good looking plane. I wish I was there to watch it fly.

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